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Another list. 16 comments

Baseball Prospectus has its list. Now it’s time for MLB’s. Yesterday, MLB released its Top 100 Prospects list. The Rangers had three players. All three were ranked relatively low. MLB’s ranking also includes each team’s Prospect Points, which is a numerical value placed upon how strong their farm system is. […]

Number 29. 16 comments

Casey Cox. Steve Foucault. Roger Moret. Larry McCall. Tucker Ashford. John Butcher. Matt Williams. Pete Incaviglia. Oil Can Boyd. Steve Fireovid. Edwin Nuñez. Doug Dascenzo. Rusty Greer. Mike Woods. Jason Botts. Julio Borbon. Adrian Beltre. Seventeen Texas Rangers have worn the uniform number 29. No other player will ever wear […]

Tagging along 2. 16 comments

Once again, I am adding my two cents worth onto T. R. Sullivan’s mailbag from (Which reminds me of the great joke from Steven Wright: If it’s a penny for your thoughts and you put in your two cents worth, then someone, somewhere is making a penny.) Please hurry […]

Number Ones. 4 comments

This business of prospects and how they pan out is fascinating. With the state of free agency, and the high trade value of legitimate stars, prospects seem to be the hottest commodity for major league front offices. Certain prospects seem untouchable. How many times do we hear a major trade […]

How they fared. 7 comments

Oh, one more thing. Continuing from yesterday. Once again, here are all the Rangers who have made the Baseball Prospectus Top 101 prospects since they started ranking them in 2007. This will, again, point out how inexact of a science the baseball draft is, and the business of grading prospects […]

More prospect talk. 11 comments

How accurate is the Baseball Prospectus list of Top 101 Prospects? Let’s look back for the Rangers at every year since they started it in 2007. Here is a breakdown by year:   This just goes to show that drafting prospects, and ranking prospects, is an inexact science.

Ranking Rangers. 13 comments

Baseball Propectus released its annual Top 101 Prospects list for 2019. Four Rangers made it. Leody Taveras, outfielder, at 47. Bubba Thompson, outfielder, at 48. Juan Pablo Martinez, outfielder, at 78. Anderson Tejada, shortstop, at 83. Interestingly, none of the overabundance of pitching the Rangers have been obsessing on acquiring […]

Asdrubal. 19 comments

  The Rangers had a hole at third base. Their last guy decided to retire. He was pretty good. Then he had to go and get old. So, how do you fill the Grand Canyon-sized hole left behind? The Rangers could have gone big and filled it with Manny Machado, who […]

Two approaches. 42 comments

Last season the Texas Rangers and Cincinnati Reds had identical records—67 wins, 95 losses. Both teams had managers who had never managed before, fired them, and replaced them with managers who have never managed before. Both teams had the second-worse starters ERAs in their respective leagues. Cincinnati’s was 5.02, Texas’s […]