Monthly Archives: July 2019

What a bunch of bull.

You thought the Rangers bullpen was bad before? They had only three reliable relievers as it was. One, Shawn Kelley, is injured. The second, Chris Martin, is now a Brave. That leaves Jesse Chavez, which have been training a lot and also using supplements and you can see it here […]

1994 prices.

The Rangers are running a commercial offering Lower Infield Box seats for the 1994 price of $18.00. This points out two things. One, the Rangers are having trouble getting fans to show up to the Ballpark in its final year. Two, how outrageously out of control the regular price of […]


The fickle life of a relief pitcher. One year you are an unstoppable force at the back end of the bullpen. The next year, you are the back end of a horse. When Jose Leclerc took over the closer job after Keona Kela was dealt to Pittsburgh last season, he closed […]

Godfather 4.

For anyone who likes a good mafia movie, tune in to today’s Rangers-Athletics game. A mob story is bound to break out. Baseball is like the mafia. You did something to us we don’t like, so you need to be taught a lesson. And memories, apparently, are long. Earlier this […]


They’re back. The surprising, overachieving team is back. The team that has offense up and down the lineup is back. And Willie Calhoun is back.  Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Playing left field with a chip the size of Texas on his shoulder, Calhoun made the most of his first start […]


Criticizing Jon Daniels’s moves has turned into sport. But you have to give him credit where it’s due. Danny Santana might be the biggest steal of the offseason. For any team. He came out of the gate strong. His first year, he finished seventh in Rookie of the Year voting. […]


So after all that, who would have thought it would be Pedro Payano that would stop the bleeding?  Who would have thought it would be Rougned Odor that was the offensive hero? It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes contributions from the lowest wrungs of the […]

Tough job.

You think your job is tough. Imagine being a manager for the Texas Rangers. It’s one of only thirty jobs like it out there. But it’s with the Texas Rangers. And you are given the most lopsided nonsensical roster to work with. You have like fifteen outfielders. Two infielders. You […]


Every great sports movie has a speech.  “Forget about the crowds, the size of the school, their fancy uniforms, and remember what got you here. If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don’t care what the […]