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There are two indisputable facts about Rougned Odor. One, he is not going anywhere for four more seasons. Two, if the Rangers harbor hopes of being good enough to make the playoffs, Odor needs to hit. His history is he has a very good July, then two other strong weeks. […]

No love for new Ballpark.

Poor Texas Rangers. They just can’t seem to do anything right. They go and build a new $1.9-billion stadium, and it is getting absolutely ridiculed on social media. The comments are as funny as they are biting. At least the shots from inside are amazing. And, that’s where most fans […]

The road most traveled. laid out the winners and losers of this new 60-game schedule. And, of course, the Texas Rangers were listed as one of the two teams most negatively affected by it. According to the article, with the original 162-game schedule “the Rangers had previously faced a projected .501 opposing strength […]


Joey Gallo tested positive for COVID. He’s asymptomatic. He said he’s never felt better in his life. This virus is a menace. So, it looks like this will be a case of quarantining him away from the team for two weeks and seeing where it goes from there. But this […]

Where to play Solak?

So the question now is what to do with Nick Solak. He’s a second basemen on a team that has already bought and paid for a second baseman. They had him trying out in center and at third. Now, he is working out at first. Manager Chris Woodward said he […]

Opening day lineups.

Opening day, if it happens, will be either July 23 or 24. Usually it’s a special day in baseball. Like Christmas. But with baseball. This year it’s an oddity. Like a birthday after you’re fifty. Being that opening day starter, though, carries with it the implied understanding that you’re not […]

It begins.

Thirty-one players tested positive for the Coronavirus yesterday, from nineteen different teams. Another seven coaches or front office personnel. That may sound alarming, and it is certainly cause for concern, but when you look at the overall numbers, it’s not that bad. Yet.  That’s the problem with this thing. It’s […]

The outfield.

When last we saw, Rangers left fielder Willie Calhoun was being carted off the field after being hit in the jaw with a 95-miles-per-hour fastball. It was hard to watch.  After seasons of frustration waiting for his turn to be a bona fide major league starter, it looked like his […]

Highest-paid player.

Who says the Rangers are cheap? The Texas Rangers have the distinction of having the highest paid player in all of major league baseball in 2020. Prince Fielder will be making $24 million this year. Because he never officially retired and instead was released by the team in 2016 order […]

Revisiting the infield.

Now that the season is inching toward a restart, it’s time to re-look at the roster the Rangers have assembled. Today, it’s the infield. Last season, the Rangers infield was among the weakest in all of baseball offensively, with Ronald Guzman, Rougned Odor, Elvis Andrus, and Asdrubal Cabrera. Danny Santana […]