Monthly Archives: February 2020

The Flytrap.

An article on yesterday talked about a college team in the early 90s who was the first to implement what is now commonplace, the dramatic defensive shift in baseball. And it led to thinking how baseball has come full circle. Oberlin College in Ohio had a terrible baseball team. […]

In a good place.

The Rangers scored early and often yesterday, racking up thirteen runs and fourteen hits off Cubs pitching. Well, pitchers wearing a Cubs uniform. Here’s hoping they can carry this offensive dominance to the regular season.  Andrus collected two hits, Odor three, Andy Ibanez drove in three runs, catcher Nick Ciuffo […]

Heineman is hitting.

Too bad spring stats don’t matter. Scott Heineman would be an early shoo in to make the roster. Good thing the roster is such a mess. Scott Heineman should make the team by default. The Rangers forgot to get a center fielder this offseason. The Rangers approach to fielding a […]

Their shot.

Watching the first three weeks of exhibition games is what it must be like being a Baltimore Orioles fans. What you’re watching resembles major league baseball but it’s not major league baseball. But the beauty of spring training games is it might be the only time most of these players […]

Spring records.

The Rangers lost yesterday. And just like that, their chances of an undefeated Cactus League went up in smoke. Just out of curiosity, I looked up the Rangers spring records for the past ten years. There is, of course, absolutely no relevance to a team’s spring training record and its […]

Good to see Gallo.

There was a Joey Gallo sighting in Arizona, and that’s a really good thing. The Rangers need Gallo in the lineup as much as possible in 2020. Gallo was on his way to a possible MVP consideration before injuries derailed him and what slim chances the Rangers had for relevance. […]

Turf wars.

As everyone knows, in about six weeks, the Rangers move into their new Ballpark with synthetic turf. It is being installed right now. Of course, the Rangers front office is optimistic about it playing and feeling just like real grass. But this is the same front office that was optimistic […]

It’s on.

This will be said a million times. Spring training stats don’t count.  Danny Santana had a really strong Cactus League last year. He started the season in Triple-A. Joey Gallo hit .206. He wasn’t going to not make the team. Rougned Odor hit .318 last spring. He ended up being […]


A spider has eight eyes.  If MLB was an animal, it would be a spider. With eight eyes. Eight black eyes. The White Sox conspired with gamblers to throw the World Series in 1919. Major League Baseball conspired with stupidity to prevent black players from participating for more than 80 […]

Memory lane.

You have to love these dog days of winter, when there is absolutely nothing to talk about.  So, the main story on is “Revisiting the Kluber trade.” Yes, let’s set our time machines back to that day in mid-December of 2019 when that game-changing trade went down.  That was […]