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The Rangers didn’t lose any offense at the trade deadline. They also didn’t gain any.

And since they couldn’t find any last night, just like that their four-game winning streak stopped dead in its tracks.

The new look Rangers looked pretty much like the old look Rangers.

Arizona 6, Texas 0.

The trade deadline is past. The rebuilding Rangers began the process of stock piling pitching. And more pitching. And more pitching.

They got Corey Gearrin, a 32-year-old right handed reliever, and Jason Bahr, 23, a righty, and starting pitcher.

They got Tyler Thomas. He’s 22, throws left, a starter with a career 2.99 ERA.

They got Rollie Lacy and Eddie Butler. Lacy is 23, throws right handed. Butler, also a right hander, is 27 and is already in the Rangers bullpen, as is Gearrin above.

They picked up Taylor Hearn, a local Royce City boy. Hearn is a 6’5” lefty, 23, projected to be a starter.

They acquired Wei-Chieh Huang, a 24-year-old right handed reliever.

Plus, in all these deals, they have three players to be named later. (I hope one of them is named Clayton Kershaw.)

For that haul, they lost Cole Hamels, Jesse Chavez, Keona Kella, and Jake Diekman.

Seven new arms, possibly ten once the three PTBNL are announced, for four.

All in all, it was a fruitful job of repopulating a farm system devoid of pitching. Rangers GM Jon Daniels realized if he cannot produce his own, he needs to go out and get more. But, in the case of Kela, it was one of his own.

So many of these new guys are A-Level and Double-A pitchers. They are the proverbial carrots dangling at the end of a string. Too far away to reach now, but maybe one day.


With the Rangers track record on pitching, all they can do is stockpile and hope.

Hope that ten new ones might produce two good ones.


  • Nathan Whitten

    Kevin, for what the Rangers gave up, I feel that they got very little. Kela is the one that really bugs me. You’ve spoken to that matter, but I have to strongly disagree with what you said–please don’t hold it against me. Closers as good(and young) as he is are not “a dime a dozen.” He is not a Feliz who had but one pitch and was easily rattled. Of course, the game I never want mentioned again REALLY rattled him. I think Kela could have been the closer for many years. I may be over-rating him. I’m not a pro scout. But he seemed solid and getting a Class A prospect for him seemed like bread crumbs to me. But, if that kid someday becomes a Clayton Kershaw or someone of that level…I’ll retract my negative take on the matter.
    Regarding the other trades, I expected little in return and that’s what happened. I think the team would have been better off keeping Diekman, but I am unsure what they got for him. He is a valuable reliever, but might fall into the dime a dozen category.

    • GoRangers23

      I agree.

    • dearmidol

      Hey, I could be wrong. And feel free to disagree with me all you want. That’s the nature of this site. We’re all fans. We all have opinions.

      I am wondering if the reason for the Kela move might be their realizing they are horrible at developing starters, so they traded a quality closer for a starter they desperately need, one who’s not that far away. Maybe they feel that a team that has no chance really doesn’t need a quality closer (I think you always do because even if your team stinks, it’s demoralizing to blow games in the ninth), and getting someone with upside to be a good starter was more important.

      I’m not saying I agree, just trying to offer some sort of rationalization.

      • Gregor_S

        I don’t really have a problem with trading Kela. I just have a problem with trading him to Pittsburgh, because Banny is bound to have had input on the guys they got in return.

        • JacobMcCandles

          Is that good? Lol…will say I love their pitching coach.

        • elkaba

          Oooo, major burn. I like it!

    • elkaba

      I think the haul or non-haul JD got for 4 valued players more than anything else speaks volumes about how long he thinks it will be before we are in contention again. Jettisoning Kela says that same thing. If a player his age will be superfluous to need before he ages up to free agency, it’s going to be a long, long time before we have much to get excited about around here.

      • JacobMcCandles

        Remember Kela hasn’t had a ton of success…good move IMO

  • GoRangers23

    This is Rangers Most Likely with Elvis and Emily.


  • possumrld

    I feel for Colon. He hasn’t been faring very well the last 3 games or so. But it is mostly irrelevant, when the Rangers couldn’t even scratch out 1 run.

    • dearmidol

      It’s been a slog for him.

    • JacobMcCandles

      Never felt my Colon…..lol

  • JacobMcCandles

    Kev…last paragraph is spot on.

    Astros missing Altuve,Correa,Springer,McCann taking it to the Ms…….8-2…..Division stays in Houston

  • Rowdy Yates

    Hamels pitching tonight for the Cubs vs the Pirates like he used to pitch for the Rangers before this season. Maybe he wanted to get traded. Nah, that couldn’t be true.

    • JacobMcCandles

      Been a nice game…..

  • JacobMcCandles

    Say what you will….55 American troops returned from Korea based on Trumpers Historic meeting. Man has issues, but God bless those families for receiving closure. Something that Scary spent a lifetime and thousand of dollars to find and return who he spoke of Uncle Paulie.

  • WhoKnowscs

    Seattle and Oakland are now tied for 2nd in the division. Both are 5.0 games back of Houston. Oakland has played 2 more games.

    • WhoKnowscs

      Imagine if the Season ended up with a tie breaker between A’s and M’s to face the Yankees.