Kevin Sutton

The first prediction of 2020.   Recently updated !

Forget about sign stealing. There’s a baseball season up ahead. Will Leitch of published his article about the most pressing questions for teams in the A.L. West teams yesterday. About the Rangers, his five questions are: 1) Can Joey Gallo stay healthy?Do not forget how unbelievably good Gallo was […]

Okay, but.

The chorus of voices calling for the commissioner’s office to strip the Astros of their 2017 title is growing louder. And sillier. It’s not just callers to radio stations or posters to blogs, either. That’s easy to dismiss. What do fans know? But what’s surprising is the increasingly vocal chirping […]

Stupid stupidity.

Lost in the news about the stupid sign stealing and the suspensions and firing of the stupid manager of the Astros and the stupid general manager of the Astros and the stupid manager of the Red Sox was an even stupider story. A Federal judge threw out the case of […]


So, you think your team has problems?  Sure, the Rangers haven’t been relevant for three seasons, and won’t be for at least a three more in the future. Sure, the Rangers have been one of the least successful at drafting over the past 13 seasons. Sure, the Rangers have one […]

Hollywood Todd.

The Rangers are getting a decent corner infielder. They are getting an even better actor. Todd Frazier is now a Texas Rangers after agreeing to a two-year deal. It’s one year with a club option. He will make $3.5 million in 2020 and, if the Rangers choose to keep him, […]

Prospects or free agents?

Ranking prospects is about as easy as herding cats. That’s what makes the decision whether to keep or trade a prospect so difficult. And it’s what led to the saying, “prospects are cool, parades are cooler.” This thought occurred when weighing the free agent decisions still ahead of the Rangers. […]

A crazy brilliant idea.

Jason Stark floated a great idea in a column in yesterday’s The Athletic. He was talking about inevitable changes coming to baseball. One change is the DH in both leagues. It will probably happen with the next collective bargaining agreement. The union likes the extra job opportunities it creates. Now […]

Happy Arbitration Day.

We at RR3 would like to be the first to wish you and your family a very happy Arbitration Day (applies to Joey Gallo, Danny Santana and Rafeal Montero only). Today is the day clubs and players have to submit their respective salary numbers before going to arbitration and having […]

Ozuna vs. Castellanos.

Marcell Ozuna is 29. He bats right, has exclusively been a  left fielder the past two seasons with the Cardinals, but was primarily a center fielder in that great Marlins outfield that also featured Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich. He’s a two-time All Star who had a monster year in Miami […]

He’s back.

The Rangers have rectified the Jeff Mathis Mistake. Robinson Chirinos is coming back to the Rangers. Texas and Chirinos have agreed to a one-year contract, with a club option for 2021.  For those who care about the monetary part of it, Chirinos gets $5.75 million in 2020 and $6.5 million […]