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Rule 5 results. 11 comments   Recently updated !

  Every year the Rule 5 Draft closes out the winter meetings. The Rangers were active in this year’s Rule 5 Draft, both getting and losing a player. The Rule 5 was set up to keep teams from stockpiling too much talent and allowing players who might otherwise be roadblocked […]

Lance Lynn. 20 comments

  The Rangers got a pitcher. The Rangers got a pitcher. Lance Lynn. Formerly of the Cardinals and Twins. Most recently of the Yankees. Lynn is a 31-year-old right hander from my hometown of Indianapolis, with a nice career winning percentage of .590, who was on his way to a […]

Odds. 26 comments

One thing about the winter meetings being in Las Vegas is it give credence to sports betting. Yesterday, professional oddsmaker Dan Syzmborski, whose name looks like someone was just randomly cleaning a keyboard and typed that mess of letters, came out with his line for winning the World Series in […]

Irrelevance. 13 comments

Imagine all your friends are throwing a huge party and you’re not invited. That’s what it’s like to listen to the reporting from the winter meetings in Las Vegas. A lot of talk about Team X doing this, Team Y doing that, Team Z looking to upgrade here or there. […]

Ready to rumble. 18 comments

Baseball’s annual winter meetings start today in Las Vegas. Three days of wheeling, dealing, laying groundwork and, it seems, Greco-Roman-style wrestling. At least, that’s according to a great story Evan Grant relayed in yesterday’s Dallas Morning News. Apparently, at the winter meetings in Nashville in 2012, Jon Daniels was set […]

Icons are in short supply. 15 comments

As they often do to pass the time in the off-season, runs lists of things each team needs, wants, lacks, etc. The latest such article, written by Will Leitch, is each team’s current iconic player. Not surprising, now that Adrian Beltre has retired, for the Rangers it’s Elvis Andrus. […]

Spring dates announced. 22 comments

Just announced: The Rangers announced their spring training report days. Pitchers and catchers report to Surprise on February 12, with their first full workout the following day. Position players report February 18. The first spring game is February 23 against Kansas City. Just 68 more days until Texas resumes baseball […]

Q&A. 36 comments

Every so often, T.R. Sullivan answers fans’ questions about the Rangers on Here are a few questions he answered yesterday: Q: Do you think Jon Daniels will be exploring trades from our depth of left-handed-hitting corner outfielders/designated hitters—Nomar Mazara, Willie Calhoun, Shin-Soo Choo—in order to get young pitching? A: […]

Yu again. 19 comments

The latest Japanese All-Star pitcher, left-hander Yusei Kikuchi, is being posted. Which means all thirty teams have thirty days to negotiate with him. He can agree, or not, to sign with the team of his choice. The Rangers have been actively scouting him and, like with Yu Darvish and Shohei […]