Kevin Sutton

Promising. 1 comment

  Full disclosure. I didn’t watch a single pitch of last night’s game. I’m in New York. It was a Friday night. For the first time in nearly two seasons, Rangers fans have reason for optimism. They won’t win a division anytime soon, barring some miracle where Martin Perez sprouts […]

Easy as one-two-three. 52 comments

  It’s always been said that if you go to a baseball game you might see something that’s never been seen before. In the 106-year history of major league baseball, there was a never-before-happened moment last night in the Ballpark. It was the first triple play in the history of […]

Looking ahead. 66 comments

  Just in case you were on Mars the last forty years and are just now returning, the Rangers are pitching poor. At every level. They have no help on the horizon. But the bad news is, there really aren’t a lot of choices in the upcoming free agency market. […]

Cy Old. 61 comments

  Felix Hernandez. Justin Verlander. Rick Porcello. Zack Greinke. Bartolo Colon may be at the tail end of his career (come to think of it, with the state of Rangers pitching, he might have a few more years in him because a 55-year-old Colon will probably out pitch anyone in […]

The real Martin Perez. 49 comments

  Martin Perez was working on a perfect game going through the first third of an inning yesterday. Then he lost it. Literally and figuratively. He gave up a monster shot to Giancarlo Stanton, the second batter he faced. Then, in true Martin Perez fashion, he caved in the fifth […]

Out manned. 56 comments

After the second batter he faced homered, it looked like it was going to be another long day for Drew Hutchinson. Especially when the Yankees scored again immediately after that. Hutchinson never had a one-two-three inning, but he kept getting off the hook, which is the sign of a guy […]

Learning curves. 73 comments

  This is what you expect from a young pitcher. Some good games, some not so good. Predictably unpredictable. Ariel Jurado’s first start was against the Chicago White Sox, one of four teams in the American League worse than the Rangers. He lost that one. Then he pitched against the […]

Going to the show. 47 comments

  Texas bats have come alive just as Texas Live is coming alive. Tuesday the Rangers unveiled a statue of Benjie Molina’s huge emotional embrace of Neftali Feliz after Feliz struck out Alex Rodrigues to send the Texas Rangers to the World Series for the first time ever. The long-suffering […]