Bargain shopping again. 14 comments

The Rangers went shopping at the Goodwill store again. This time they picked up twos pitcher and an outfielder.

Pitchers Shelby Miller and Jeanmar Gomez signed deals with Texas. Miller’s is a major league deal and he is expected to go into the Rangers rotation. Gomez’s is a minor league deal. He should make he club as a reliever.

The outfielder is Danny Santana, a great name for a 70s private investigator.

Shelby Miller.

Miller is right-handed and, like rotation mates Edinson Volquez, Drew Smyly and Lance Lynn, had Tommy John surgery, his in 2017. He came back at the end of 2018 to start four games for the Diamondbacks, going 0-4, a non-typo 10.96 ERA, a WHIP which his agent is trying to get injunctions against printing of 2.00, and an opponent’s average against of .343. His numbers were actually worse than Matt Moore’s.

On the positive side, though, there is literally no place for Miller to go but up.

Jeanmar Gomez.

Gomez has pitched in nine seasons, the first three as a starter with Cleveland, the last six out of the pen with Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and the Chicago White Sox. In twenty-six middle-relief appearances with Chicago in 2018, he racked up a 4.68 ERA. In 2016, he was the closer for the Phillies, saving thirty-seven games. He appears to be targeted for the Rangers bullpen.

Danny Santana

Santana has played in parts of five big league seasons, mostly outfield, all three positions. In 2014 he was seventh in Rookie of the Year voting while with the Twins, when he hit .319. He never got much momentum after that. The right-hander hit 179 for Atlanta last year and is averages six homers and 45 RBIs per season. He signed a minor league deal.

The Rangers picked up depth. Not much width.

  • JacobMcCandles

    I like the Shelby Miller pick up….good risk

  • Nathan Whitten

    I have found nice bargains at Goodwill. If you can find items that fit your needs, you can find some really good deals. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Let’s hope that what happened when the Rangers stopped by.

    Surely they can piece together a rotation that is better than what they had last year. Matt Moore numbers do not instill confidence in me at all. Yes, it was a small sample size. One really cannot make meaningful deductions without a significantly larger sample. So, we can hope that those numbers are meaningless. Stat is an odd branch of math. I’ve had over half a dozen stat courses, including some in grad school. Sampling has to be done properly before one can use the data to do anything other torture numbers. Just as in torturing people, you can get numbers to say anything if you hurt them enough. But, even with the tiny sample on Miller, those numbers have to make one realize just how bad he can be. Hopefully, the man can still get people out, and prove that the stats based on 4 games truly are meaningless. That has to be JD’s mindset. Gomez might help the ‘pen, which was decimated by meaningless trades last year. I honestly do not think that they got anything for the very good relievers that were gifted to other teams last year. They said that those trades added depth. Maybe so. But bad depth is no depth.

    Santana might be a CF for Texas. Part of me is thinking that we will be seeing lots of Gallo in CF during Spring Training. He is the most athletic OF the Rangers have(that’s just a surmise), so it would be natural to let him play the position that requires the most athletic ability. I could be way off on my guess. He did show some promise last year without the benefit of much, if any, actions at CF in ST. Having someone like Santana does help. I think we can pencil in Mazara as RF. The Rangers want to use Calhoun in LF, but he has to show that he can hit in MLB. If he is not a real offensive asset, then his defensive liabilities are too great to have him in the lineup. That would be a blow to the restocking efforts. It would mean that trading two very good pitchers netted the team nothing. Nonetheless, one has to have alternatives. Santana might be that.

    As you say, they may have added depth. Hopefully, it included some talent. I feel that these moves would not be news if it was not mid-January.

    • dearmidol

      Shelby Miller has a lot of upside. Mainly because there is very little downside left.

      • Nathan Whitten

        How about none?

  • Tony Howell

    I think the rangers have picked the bargain basement bare, these guys have spent so much time in the hospital we need a name for this pitching staff.

    • Rowdy Yates

      The “Tommy Johns” works for me. Short and to the point.

    • dearmidol

      The Arlington Memorial memorial pitching staff.

  • Rowdy Yates

    “There is literally no place for Miller to go but up”. Didn’t we say that about Matt Moore in March 2018?

    • WhoKnowscs

      To be Fair, Moore didn’t go down. He just didn’t go up.

  • GoRangers23
  • JacobMcCandles

    Taking a more even keeled approach….Miller is a far better risk than Colon,Moore,keeping Perez….and with our budget, certainly an upside move. This quantity approach is very similar to the collection of prospects….How many people thought Minor would be as good as he was…not spectacular but a definate piece going forward.

    • calntom

      Miller has his work cut out on the comeback trail. This signing reminds me of the Moore signing though comes with a much better price tag considering the risk.
      Not looking for much out of Miller. I hope I am wrong.

  • Rowdy Yates

    We also know it’s only a matter of time til this staff crashes. So, they could simply be the “When They Fail Staff “or the WTFs.

  • WhoKnowscs

    Someone give JD the Gambler’s Anonymous hotline number.