Texas Rangers


Last week the New York Yankees named Rachel Balkovek as the manager for their Low-A minor league affiliate the Tampa Tarpons. As expected, the move got a lot of press. Anytime there is a first like this in any aspect of life, it gets people‚Äôs attention. While I am happy […]

A breath of fresh air.

Last night on MLB Network Radio, they played a Cubs-Rangers game from 2007. Hearing Eric Nadel in January was a breath of fresh air. Rangers fans might not hear him for a long long time. (Today, both sides are meeting for the first time in nearly 40 days. Then the […]

Hurt feelings.

In this battle between players and owners, in which both sides should be hated by most baseball fans, MLB just added another reason on the pile to hate the owners. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has very thin skin. And, apparently, no spine. He fired legendary broadcaster Ken Rosenthal from MLB […]

2022 is here even if baseball isn’t.

Well, next year is no longer next year. It’s this year now. And pitchers and catchers are due to report in around 45 days, assuming mid-February. But the real start date is February 26. That’s the first Spring Training games, when the money starts. When the towns in Arizona and […]

Who benefits the most?

So, right now, who benefits the most from the acquisitions of Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, and Kole Calhoun? Other than the obvious answer that Rangers fans do because we now have actual talent we can root for, it would seem like the two players who will benefit the most will […]

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone in RR3 land. Thank you for making this such a wonderful site to talk about Rangers baseball and all the other topics along the way. Maybe one day there will actually be Rangers baseball. Maybe one day there will actually be Rangers baseball that is meaningful. […]

Biggest turnarounds.

While the signings of Corey Seager and Marcus Semien were huge, Rangers fans have to use a bit of caution to not get too carried away. This team won only 60 games last year. It was 23-players shy of having a 25-man major league roster. Seager and Semium are only […]

Why a lockout is good for baseball fans.

When this whole labor mess first cropped up, the worry was that it would be long and painful and the 2022 season would suffer greatly. Games would be lost. Maybe a lot of games. Then, the Collective Bargaining Agreement expired at midnight on December 1. Then, almost immediately, owners instituted […]

A letter from the Commissioner.

To our Fans:  I first want to thank you for your continued support of the great game of baseball. This past season, we were reminded of how the national pastime can bring us together and restore our hope despite the difficult challenges of a global pandemic. As we began to […]