Texas Rangers

Remembering Sidd Finch.   Recently updated !

Yes, this is a day late. But who is keep track of days and dates anymore? Thirty-five April Firsts ago, Sports Illustrated ran a story about a Mets phenom named Sidd Finch. It caused quite a stir. Here is the story. Enjoy.

Sprinting.   Recently updated !

Maybe there is one positive to playing a shortened season. Anything can happen. One-hundred-sixty-two games has a way of revealing what a team really is. If they don’t have enough pitching, it catches up to them. You can hide not enough offense for a while. But not for 162. There […]

Ready, set, wait.

It’s ready. And it looks wonderful. The Rangers new ballpark was set to open today. Instead, this worldwide mess. No throwing out the first pitch to christen the new park. No throwing out the first insult at Rougned Odor. Both will have to wait. No first home run or first […]

Next All-Star.

Jesse Sanchez of MLB.com took out his crystal ball and named the one future All-Star for every team in the A.L. West.  Either he needs to take his crystal ball into the shop or the Rangers are in some trouble. Because for every other team, he lists a prospect that […]


“Millionaires fighting billionaires for dollars.” That’s how MLB Network Radio’s Jim Duquette described the squabbling that was going on about the current, unfortunate work stoppage happening in baseball. It’s not because of a strike or lockout, which is the root of all past work stoppages. But it came down to […]

Missing baseball.

Things I really miss. Adrian Beltre’s infectious joy for baseball. Pudge Rodriguez snap throw to first to nab a runner napping. Michael Young hitting one in the gap at the most opportune moment. Rusty Greer sacrificing his body for an out. Jose Canseco doing something stupid but memorable. Kenny Rogers […]

Rangers biggest comeback.

What an inning. Sixteen years ago, Detroit and Texas played in one of the more incredible games in Rangers history. The Tigers led 7-4 after four innings, most of the runs coming off Rangers starter R.A. Dickey. Doug Brocail was on the hill to open the fifth. Everything went downhill […]

What ifs.

This might just be a pipe dream, but assuming there is baseball this season, there are a lot of questions about the schedule. Of course, nobody know when the games would start or how many they’d play, but on the question, “Do they just start at the point of the […]

Missing sports.

Sure is weird not having sports. Not just baseball, but anything.  When people say there are a lot more important things to worry about right now than sports, I disagree. What better thing to take our minds of what is going on around us? During WW2, when so much industry […]