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A glimpse into sabermetrics. 22 comments

Open mouth, insert foot. Or, better yet, open computer, insert foot. Baseball sabermetrics guru Bill James got himself in a world of hot water with a tweet, which he subsequently removed, that said major league players are no more valuable to the game than the beer vendors. Bill James single […]

Another Boras client. 35 comments

“We think he is a Major Leaguer who will perform at well-above-average Major League levels,” agent Scott Boras said Wednesday at the GM Meetings in Carlsbad, Calif. “That means teams are interested in him. His leadership dynamic is documented and extraordinary. We fully expect Major League teams to reach out […]

Boras in full shyster mode. 22 comments

As reported yesterday, Bryce Harper turned down a ten-year contract offer worth $300 million from the Washington Nationals on the last day of the season. That was most likely leaked by his agent Scott Boras to gin up his price now. That sets the starting point. Borsa appeared on MLB […]

Potential Ranger. 50 comments

Yesterday an article from Mark Feinsand on MLB.com listed the one free agent each team is most likely to target. At this point, it’s just pie-in-the-sky thinking and having to say something in order to file an article. But it is interesting. For the Rangers, Feinsand figures it’s Hyun-Jin Ryu, […]

Praise heaped upon new manager. 30 comments

Singing the praises of his new managerial hire, Rangers general manager Jon Daniels noted that he “really impressed us across the board.” Daniels researched far and wide and deep and found a consistent opinion across everyone he talked to. “From people that he works with now, the people that used […]

PTBNLs. 42 comments

A player to be named later went each way in the deal with the Cubs for Drew Smyly. Usually, the only time you will ever hear that player’s name is when he is finally announced. It’s a procedural thing. Paperwork. The guy’s name is logged in, he is sent to […]

Step one, Drew Smyly. 16 comments

  Lost in the news that the Rangers have a new manager in Chris Woodward was the news that the Rangers on-field rebuild has started. They now have a starting pitcher to go along with Mike Minor. Two down, three more to go. On Friday the Rangers acquired 29-year-old left-hander […]