Texas Rangers

Forget Houston.   Recently updated !

Oakland is Texas’s arch-nemisis. The Rangers are now 5-10 against the Athletics this year. They were 6-13 in 2018. Never mind the ground the Rangers need to cover in order to be on a level playing field with Houston, they have a long way to go just to play with […]


It’s always a sad day when the Rangers are officially eliminated. They were effectively eliminated when they signed Drew Smyly and Shelby Miller for the 2019 rotation. But it was made official with last night’s loss 14-9 loss to Oakland. The Rangers are now 14 games behind the second wild […]

Long overdue.

So, how was your team’s trade deadline? My team’s was phenomenal. Jon Daniels has taken a lot of heat in the past for his deadline deals. And, most of it is warranted.  So, when he nails it, he deserves to be congratulated for it. He so seldom gets praise. But […]


This is what makes baseball so great. No other sport is this unpredictable. A pitcher who is almost totally unhittable goes up against a hitter who is almost totally unhitterable. In a sport where good pitching beats good hitting, and great pitching owns pitiful hitting. And the hitter wins. Baseball […]

We’re not in Baltimore anymore.

Well, it’s a totally different game when they don’t play the Orioles. The Rangers don’t get twenty hits. They don’t score ten runs. Rougned Odor doesn’t go anything-for-anything. They don’t win a baseball game. Last night, when push came to shove, the Rangers shoved a win aside and allowed sloppy […]

Demarcus who?

There isn’t a lot on the Rangers major league roster to get misty eyed over.  But, according to Major League Pipeline, there is someone to get excited about. The Rangers placed one player on the Prospect Of The Year team. And it’s nobody anybody had predicted. He’s not on anyone’s […]

Guaranteed Sweep Weekend was a success.

Guaranteed Sweep Weekend is over. It was like Players Weekend where every player played under a whacky nicknames for an entire series. Only with Guaranteed Sweep Weekend, every Ranger impersonated a Hall of Famer for the weekend. And they didn’t have to wear those ugly all-white uniforms. The Rangers swept […]

Won’t get fooled again.

Everybody has that brother-in-law or cousin or childhood friend who is a total screw up. Against your better judgment, you let him use your car. He wraps it around a pole. You let him sleep on the couch. He falls asleep smoking and burns holes in it. You let him […]

An idea so crazy it just might work.

Games like last night against teams like the Orioles bring up ideas like this one. Maybe baseball should reorganize to where the teams that declare at the beginning of each season that they aren’t trying to put out a competitive team are placed in a separate division and they play […]

Garage sale.

Stuff just has a way of accumulating. You buy new stuff to replace the old stuff that’s broken. You buy new stuff to replace the old stuff that’s obsolete. You buy new stuff to replace the old stuff that’s out of style, or just not working for you anymore. All […]