Texas Rangers

No relief in sight.   Recently updated !

The Rangers bullpen was, in a word, a mess in 2019. On the strength of half a great season in 2018, they threw a nice contract extension at Jose Leclerc, only to watch him implode. He went from closer to eight inning guy to pray-he-gets-someone-out guy. He went from an […]

A tale of two pitching staffs.   Recently updated !

Texas had two of the best starting pitchers in the American League in 2019. Texas had one of the worst starting staffs in the American League in 2019. They had two totally different rotations. The Rangers ERA for their starters was 5.37. Combined, Mike Minor and Lance Lynn had an […]

OK at DH.

Shin-Soo Choo committed the unpardonable sin of being injured the first season of his seven-year contract. For that, a lot of Rangers fans have never forgiven him. And, have never given him credit for being one of the most productive hitters in the Rangers lineup since.  It’s also not his […]

Make it right.

As the season wound down, Nomar Mazara saw less and less action in right field. He played in just seven games in September.  After driving in 101 runs in 2017, Mazara’s production has dropped, first to 77 RBIs, then, last season, to 66. His OPS+, which measures a batter’s offensive […]

Off center.

Mike Trout. Delino DeShields. It’s really not a fair comparison. It’s like bringing a butter knife to a gunfight.  The Angels have the best centerfielder in baseball, the best player of our generation, when it’s said and done one of the all-time greats. So, taking Trout out of the story, […]

Best in the left.

Looking at the position-by-position comparison of the Rangers against the rest of the teams in the American League West has, so far, been bleak. But that’s only because the Ranger had the worst infield and catching in baseball last year, offensively.  But left field is a different story. Take Joey […]

Falling short.

Houston has Carlos Correa. Oakland has Marcus Semien, an MVP finalist. Los Angeles has Andrelton Simmons, who missed a few months due to injury. The American League West is stacked when it comes to quality shortstops that can hit. So, even though Elvis Andrus had the lions’ share of starts […]

Coming in second.

Talk about a conundrum. The Rangers had one of the worst second baseman in all of baseball in 2019. Yet, they were among the leaders in overall OPS out of that position in the A.L. West. That’s because perhaps no single player benefited from the juiced baseball than Rougned Odor. […]

Last at first.

At a position that is mostly relied upon for offense, the Rangers produced very little of it. First base was manned by Ronald Guzman, Logan Forsythe, Danny Santana, and Patrick Wisdom. The Rangers were mostly outmanned at that first, especially when compared to the rest of the teams in their […]

Catching up.

According to the Rangers, 2019 was an evaluation period. It was about learning. Rangers fans hope Jon Daniels didn’t like the lessons.  The team finished twenty games out. Of second. This team would have to take a dramatic and monumental leap forward just to have a shot at a wild […]