Texas Rangers

R&R. 91 comments

Greetings; RangersRounding3rd is on vacation, some 3752 miles away in Iceland. We will return with daily coverage, commentary and insights on the Texas Rangers when we return to the United States on Tuesday, March 26. In the meantime, feel free to keep the conversation going. Have your predictions for this […]

The newest new approach. 38 comments

A lot is being made about this new approach sweeping over Rangers camp generating from new manager Chris Woodward and his staff. They are re-inventing hitting and pitching. Using analytics to disrupt conventional thinking. It’s all well and good, and when you consider the lack of success the Rangers have […]

Incentive. 52 comments

“Hello, this is the commissioner’s office. We would like you to participate in the Home Run Derby.” “Thanks, but no thanks. I already have too much on my plate.” “It takes only about two hours.” “Well, it’s not that. It will mess up my swing.” “But we think you would […]

One big chicken. 37 comments

  The Rangers are hedging their bets this season. If you’re not coming for the baseball then for sure you will come for the two-pound chicken tender. Two pounds. It’s the gastric cousin of the two-foot long Boom Stick hot dog. It’s a good thing the Ballpark is sponsored by […]

One to look out for. 40 comments

MLB.com has a list of the top prospect on every team to watch out for. For the Rangers, it’s left-handed pitcher Taylor Hearn. Here is what T. R. Sullivan said about him. Spring Training is giving the Rangers a chance to take a good look at Hearn, 24, who was acquired […]

Math. 121 comments

  Every year, Team Marketing Report tracks thing that are important to fans, like the average cost of sports tickets and the average cost for a family of four to attend a game. Team Marketing Report was first published in 1988 as the “only publication devoted to reporting innovative and […]

Shrinking attendance. 114 comments

  Well, it’s no wonder why Major League Baseball seems to so curious about trying all these new rules to “improve” the game. Panic. And over-reaction. According to Forbes, MLB attendance dropped below seventy million for the first time in fifteen years. Based on official numbers from the league, attendance was […]

Spring stats. 50 comments

We are now in the dog days of spring training. The newness of baseball’s arrival at our front porch has worn off. Now it’s time for it to get its lazy butt off the couch and get a job. So, while we wait for opening day to arrive, it might […]

More changes. 83 comments

Speaking of rule changes, a few are going to happen for next year. One, rosters size will change from 25 to 26. The players union loves that idea because it just created 30 more jobs, 30 more members. September call-ups are changing from a 40-man roster size to 28. That […]

Experimenting with the game. 67 comments

The Atlantic League is an independent baseball league that has become a test lab for Major League Baseball. When MLB has ideas for rule changes, they test them in the Atlantic League, in part because a lot of former major leaguers play in the league so the results are more true to […]