Texas Rangers

More of the same. 48 comments

  It’s like this season is a non-stop Gilligan’s Island marathon and we are being forced to watch it on endless loop. The Rangers 2-1 loss to the Yankees was Episode 37 of a really horrible show. Once again Gilligan comes out of the bullpen and foil their rescue. Darvish was nearly unhittable. […]

In reverse. 252 comments

  The Rangers played their game backwards last night. Instead of having their meltdown in the ninth, they got the meltdown over with right away. It’s just so much less stressful for everyone that way. Tyson Ross was pretty much the opposite in his second start as he was his first. […]

Rangers draw even the hard way. 111 comments

    Most games come down to one decisive moment. Last night’s came down to an eleven-pitch battle between Jose Leclerc and Steve Pearce, who was the tying run in a situation that should not have happened. But that is a topic for another game. Probably today’s. After pitching brilliantly […]

Not Yu’s day. 343 comments

    Some days Yu have it, some days Yu don’t. Darvish wasn’t that sharp yesterday. He never found the groove. Never found his control. And the Rangers streak of scoring ten runs per game ended at two. “In the first inning, I had bad rhythm and was taking more […]

Hello, offense. 140 comments

  We’ve seen the good. We’ve seen the bad. The good is much more fun to watch. The Rangers have won seven out of eight, mostly with great starting pitching. But the last two they’ve added a layer of smash mouth offense. We’ve seen this offense is neutral. Where they struggled […]

It’s Tyson Ross time. 127 comments

  When the Rangers signed Tyson Ross to a one-year contract this off-season to join the rotation in 2017, they were expecting he would have been back much sooner than the middle of June. They thought he was just rehabbing from shoulder surgery due to thoracic outlet syndrome. What they […]

Just like starting over. 224 comments

  On opening day, Rougned Odor hit two home runs. He promptly went into hibernation for two months. He had his second two-home-run game last night against the Astros. This about a week after having a four-strikeout night against them at the Ballpark, leaving eight runners stranded. Let’s hope with […]