Texas Rangers

Top ten first basemen. 7 comments

Once again, the Rangers don’t have a player represented on this list. But with an luck, they will soon. Ronald Guzman’s rookie season of 2018 showed some moments of promise, his three-home-run game being the stand out. But it’s a long, difficult journey to make the top ten list at […]

Top ten catchers. 10 comments

Offensively, the Rangers took a huge step backward in their catching, bringing in Jeff Mathis, a career .190 hitter. Last season, throughout baseball, pitchers batted .115. So, batting Jeff Mathis isn’t much better than batting a pitcher. Many teams, though, do have great catchers. Here are the top ten.

The rebuild. 7 comments

Apparently, Jon Daniels hates the term rebuild. He prefers to call what he is doing a “development phase.” Rebuild is more accurate. That’s what it is. Daniels rebuilt a losing team into an elite champion. Then he deforested it into a last-place team. Now he is trying to rebuild it. […]

Two-way player. 27 comments

  The Rangers couldn’t get Shohei Ohtani last off-season. So, this off-season they got the econo version: Matt Davidson. The Rangers signed the former White Sox corner infielder and occasional pitcher to a minor league contract and are letting him earn the backup role at first, and a place in […]

Tagging Along 3. 16 comments

Once again, T. R. Sullivan answers Rangers’ fans mail on mlb.com, and once again, without permission, I add my two-cents worth. I can honestly see this team surprising a lot of people. The rotation, if they’re close to what they were before injuries, can be great. That being said, if […]

Hope. 9 comments

The equipment trucks are on their way to Surprise. The players are making their last-minute preparations. The front office is looking for more candidates to fill the bullpen. The Tommy John surgeons are on speed dial. February is here. In two weeks, so too will be baseball. And with it, […]