Texas Rangers

Joe Musgrove no-hits the Rangers.

The Rangers were no-hit last night. It was wonderful.  Nobody wants to be no-hit. No fan wants to see their team no-hit. It’s embarrassing. But sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other guy and say, wow. And last night, Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove was nearly perfect, […]

Padres back again.

The last time the Padres were here to play the Rangers, Chris Woodward worked himself into a lather over Fernando Tatis Jr swinging at a 3-0 pitch. With his team already leading 10-3. And hitting it for a grand slam. Something about unwritten rules. The Padres responded by hitting another […]

So far so so.

Two series into the freshly unwrapped season and the Rangers have lost one of series against a team that isn’t expected to compete for its division, and won the other against a team that is expected to. They are a .500 team at 3-3. So, what does this tell us […]

Four four-baggers.

Someone switched on the power last night. Nate Lowe hit two. Ronald Guzman hit one. Jonah Heim hit one. It seems like the new ballpark isn’t quite as cavernous as the Rangers thought last season. This offense has so much potential and for four of the first five games, they […]

Bats quiet.

After three games in Kansas City where the offense came alive, it sputtered in their home opener, collecting just five hits and scoring just two runs. But, it’s just one game. And one game does not a season make.  It is telling, though, that Gallo struck out three times yesterday […]

Another home opener.

Another Rangers home opener. Usually, this day is like a religious holiday. Usually, I have tickets, I go out to the Ballpark early, I take in all the pre-game festivities, I make a day of it. Last year I couldn’t. This year I won’t. There is a raging global pandemic. […]

How to do it.

The Rangers need to bottle David Dahl’s approach to the plate and serve it up to every single coach in their system, and to every hitter on the team. He seems to be a disciple of his former teammate on the Rockies, Charlie Blackmon. Patience. Knowing the strike zone. Making […]

Lowe on high.

Who is third in RBIs in all of major league baseball? That would be a Ranger. A new Ranger. Nate Lowe. Yes, it’s only one game. But right now he is on pace for 648. There’s a pretty good chance he won’t get four RBIs per game, though.  Still, he […]

Rangers hit the ground hitting.

The team with the worst batting average in major league baseball and the fewest runs scored per game in 2020 came out swinging on opening day 2021. Five runs in the first inning. Ten runs over all. Fifteen hits. Nine walks. Baserunner early and often. But the bad habits of […]

Merry Opening Day.

Today should be a national holiday. National Optimism Day. Opening day means baseball is back. And baseball being back means everything. Last year’s abbreviated sixty-game schedule is a thing of the distant past. A normal 162-game marathon is on tap. This opening day means so much more than past opening […]