Texas Rangers


The best thing about baseball is its capacity for redemption. In Game 1 of the Nationals-Dodgers series, Howard Kendrick made a critical error in the fifth inning to allow the Dodgers second run to score. It was his second error of the game. The Nationals lost 6-0. The Nationals moved […]

10.4 seconds of perfection.

Never mind launch angles. And spin rates. And shifts. Last night, baseball fans witnessed something that has not been talked about in baseball for a long, long time. Fundamentals. Lost in the three-outcome de-evolution of the game has been any mention or even concern with fundamentals.  Honestly, when was the […]

Another playoff loss for the Twins.

This season Minnesota set a major league record with 309 home runs this season. It came out of nowhere to surprise Cleveland and win the A.L Central, which, until this year, had been a one-team division. It won 101 games. It bowed out of the playoffs yesterday. This season Minnesoty […]

Another glorious day of baseball.

Another four playoff games today. With the very real chance of four Champaign-soaked celebrations, all in visitor’s clubhouses. It’s hard to see anybody beating the Astros or Yankees this year. They are just way too tough. Which makes these first rounds just the unwanted entrée to the main course.  They […]

Slay the dragon.

Before the Division Series began, the Twins front office printed up t-shirts with the slogan, “Slay The Dragon.” It was a reference to their not being able to get past the Yankees in the playoffs, having lost six consecutive playoff series to New York. Talk is cheap. But not as […]

The pain of being a Twins fan.

Twins fans, we feel your pain. For years, the Texas Rangers ran up against the New York Yankees in the playoffs. And they went home empty. In the Division Series in 1996, the Rangers won the first game, then proceeded to drop the next three. In 1998, the Yankees swept […]

Washington pulls it out.

What do you do when you’ve ignored starting pitching in the off-season and suddenly find yourself in a wild card game? You start totting out your bullpen. And what do you do when you’ve been deploying this same move all season long and your bullpen arms are dead tired? You […]

Let the extra games begin.

The post-season starts today. For Rangers fans, those are extra games the good teams get to play because they chose to try to win. The National League Wild Card Game is today. Milwaukee at Washington. The American League Wild Card Game is tomorrow. Tampa Bay at Oakland.  Three of those […]

The end.

And so this placeholder season comes to an end. A season of zero expectations yielded some pleasant surprises, some unexpected excitement, some positive moments, and a totally expected outcome. It was a baseball season that was more about architecture than about baseball. It was about saying goodbye to a perfectly […]


Congratulations to Rougned Odor on a 30 home run season.  On the strength of two at-bats in a huge game against the mighty New York Yankees, Rougned Odor resurrected his career. He is no longer the weak-hitting second baseman who disappears for months at a time while being a huge […]