Texas Rangers

May 23, 2015.

Of all the past articles from May 23rds I could re-post, nothing was more appropriate than this to capture the spirit of everyone on this site, especially now that times are tough and people still come back. We’ve lost too many good souls here. FOR MOJO. Today is the memorial […]

May 22, 2018.

This article could be as relevant today as it was two years ago. LOOKING FOR OTHER THINGS. At this point it’s not about wins or loses. From here on out it’s about player development and retooling the roster. According to Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News, the Rangers have told other clubs […]

May 21, 2016.

They don’t make them like Colby Lewis anymore. INDESTRUCTIBLE. Rougned Odor is the craziest S.O.B. in baseball. It’s undeniable that Colby Lewis is the toughest. He is indestructible. He had his shoulder rebuilt in 2004, and came back stronger than ever. He had his elbow rebuilt in 2012, and came back […]

May 20, 2016.

The sad beginning to the end. WHAT’S WRONG WITH PRINCE? Forty games is the traditional benchmark of when teams know what they are and what they have. A quarter of the Rangers’ season is over and trends pretty much reveal themselves to be reality, not slumps. Some trends are more […]

May 19, 2017.

This was the eighth win in a row of a streak the Rangers would eventually winning ten in a row. HOME SWEEP HOME. Eight games. Eight wins. The Rangers had a very good homestand. You can’t do any better than perfect. Add the win they got in San Diego the […]

May 18, 2015.

The entire offense was in a slump throughout most of the early season, and was just now starting to show signs of life. WATER LEVELS. There’s an old saying that players live up to the back of their baseball cards. Meaning, a .260 hitter is not a .340 hitter. He […]

March 17, 2018.

The Rangers scored two runs on a strikeout, their best offensive weapon of the season. FREE RUNS. Yesterday, the Rangers discovered what it’s like to play the Rangers. They discovered what it’s like to play a team that doles out runs like a drunk philanthropist. Coming into this series, the […]

May 16, 2016.

Remembering the day Rougned Odor got a hit. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS.  August 4, 1993. After getting hit with a Nolan Ryan fastball, Robin Ventura decides to take matters into his own hands by charging the mound. He ended up taking Ryan’s fist into his own head. From that point […]

The voice of today’s ballplayer.

Yesterday, ESPN.com had an interview with Rays pitcher and former Cy Young winner Blake Snell about the proposed shortened season and reduced salary to go with it. He couldn’t have come off as a worse human being. His comments were tone deaf, selfish, self-serving and greedy. And, as unappetizing as […]

May 14, 2018.

With the Rangers embarrassing history of pitching, this year would have been so refreshing. They finally had a rotation they could boast about. Here’s a story of two pitchers they couldn’t. THE NEW MARK CLARK. Mark Clark started fifteen games for the Rangers in 1999. He came over from the […]