Texas Rangers


The Rangers posted an ad trying to get everyone excited for the upcoming 2020 season. In it, they are touting a lot of new: New year.New decade.New ballpark.New uniforms.New faces.New beginnings.Here’s to 2020 being a year we never forget. In the spirit of truth in advertising, perhaps a slight re-write […]

37 more days.

So close, you can almost feel the groin pulls. Just 37 days until pitchers and catchers report.  The pitchers part is something to get excited about. The Rangers are heading into spring training with perhaps the best rotation they’ve ever had. That is, assuming Corey Kluber is Corey Kluber and not […]

Kinsler for Rangers HOF.

Andy McCullough of The Athletic listed his New Year’s resolutions for all 30 teams. Here is his resolution for the Rangers in 2020: “Put Ian Kinsler in the Rangers Hall of Fame. Things did not end well between Ian Kinsler and the Rangers. After he got traded to Detroit before the […]

Breakout prospect.

MLB Pipeline published its list of 30 prospects set to break out in 2020, one from each organization.  From the Rangers they picked right-handed pitcher Cole Winn, who in 2019 was number 4 on MLB Pipeline’s list of Rangers prospects (after Josh Jung, Sam Huff, and Hans Crouse).  Here is […]

Maybe Frazier.

So, as the calendar turns to 2020, it appears the Rangers are turning their attention toward Todd Frazier as their next third baseman.  It’s not going to be surprising if they won’t work out a deal with Colorado for Nolan Arendado. There are simple way too many hoops to jump […]

So long to 2019.

So long 2019 and everything it represented. So long to another forgettable Rangers team. So long to pitchers in Rangers uniforms who have no business being in major league uniforms. At least with Kluber, Minor and Lynn, the Rangers have the making of their best rotation in years. So long […]

The 2010s, part 2.

The Rangers weren’t in the Top Ten Teams of the Decade list. That was compiled by the writers at MLB.com, taking into account a number of factors both objective and subjective. But, here is a recap of the 2010s from a purely numbers look. One could argue whether the Rangers […]

The 2010s.

We are concluding the most successful decade in Texas Rangers history. While the last three years have been anything but noteworthy, the Rangers looked like they were destined to be the Team of the Decade when the 2010s began.  It started out gangbusters. A World Series appearance in 2010, then […]

A little what if.

Two weeks ago, the Rangers pulled off one of the most surprising trades in quite a while. Corey Kluber for Emmanuel Clase and a backup outfielder. If Kluber is Kluber, this could be one of the all-time most lopsided trades in baseball. Here, according to Gameday, are the some of […]

How deep are the holes?

How deep are the holes the Rangers need to fill on offense? Out of 30 teams, only one had worse offense production from the catcher position, and that was Detroit, which lost 114 games. Here is the breakdown of where Rangers catchers ended the season in some key stats, with […]