Texas Rangers

DeShields figures it out. 179 comments

  Maybe there is something to being sent down. Maybe that is a way to rehabilitate a struggling career. Maybe it can give a player a kickstart. Maybe it’s not just banishment. Maybe it’s not forever. Maybe being sent down isn’t the same thing as being sentanced. And maybe Delino DeShields […]

Almost. 259 comments

  You can look at last night’s game two ways. One, this was almost the most amazing comeback ever. Two, Drew Smyly should never get another major league start. They are connected. The worst team in baseball this year and last year, and next year and probably the next five years, came […]

Rangers select Josh Jung. 322 comments

The Rangers entered their annual blind bobbing for apples contest yesterday. They optimistically call it the Major League draft. They haven’t been all that successful at it. If you fielded a team consisting solely of the Rangers first-round draft picks in the Jon Daniels era, it would look like this: Pitchers: […]

Texas pleads the fifth. 91 comments

  Games are often won or lost in one inning. Seasons might be as well. The fifth inning the defining inning of not only yesterday’s game, but also the Rangers re-vamped rotation. And maybe even the season. Just like that, the Rangers rotation has been transformed. They jettisoned Shelby Miller to […]

A Gallo home run wins it again. 160 comments

  Joey Gallo felt something in his side when he was in centerfield. Then, he felt it again on a check swing. He was immediately taken out of the game. It’s not good when you’re removed mid-game. It’s really not good when you’re removed mid-at-bat. Gallo has a strained oblique muscle. […]

Odor’s act wearing thin. 143 comments

  The kid gloves are off. No more mollycoddling Rougned Odor. He needs to step up or sit down. While those are the sentiments of ninety-nine percent of all Rangers fans, it hasn’t been echoed by Rangers management. In 2017, during a miserable season when he hit .204, they insisted on […]

Sampson strong again. 179 comments

  The Rangers went into this season with three of the worst pitchers at the bottom of their rotation than they’ve ever had. And, given this team’s pitching history, that’s saying something. But two of the Bottom Dwelling Three are no longer in the rotation—one due to injury the other […]

Road woes. 168 comments

  Every baseball season has a narrative and this year’s is about a team that simply cannot win on the road. When you dig into why, there are no easy answers. It’s not like they leave their bats at home, or the pitchers all develop Scheppersitis once they get on an […]