Texas Rangers

Chips on their shoulders.

Now it’s down to the final four. The American League pennant is up for grabs starting today. The National League starts tomorrow. In the A.L., it’s a team that’s playing for redemption against a team that’s defying the narrative of small market budgets.  This round will be best of seven […]

David beat Goliath.

Yes, it was the classic David vesus Goliath series. And, yes, the little guy won. The Tampa Bay Rays’ payroll for 2020, pro-rated for COVID, was $28.2 million, third lowest in baseball. The New York Yankees’ was $109.4 million, the highest in baseball. The Yankees had three players making more […]

One-game showdown.

Only one series went the full five games. The Yankees and Rays play today to see who advances on. The Yankees are sending out Garrit Cole on short rest. Of course they are. He is their pitcher. They gave him $36 million a year for today’s game.  Not $36 million […]

The first to go.

The first victim of the Rangers miserable season, other than the fans, is pitching coach Julio Rangel. His contract will not be renewed for 2021. In his two seasons as the Rangers pitching coach, Texas finished with the fourth worst ERA in baseball in 2020 and the fifth worst ERA […]

Non-stop baseball.

There’s a lot to like about this no off days format in the playoffs. This is one thing they should carry forward in non-COVID years but they probably won’t. But this is more like the regular season. Just play.  Off days allow for teams to use only a few relievers […]

The joy of offense.

Offense. Hitting. Scoring runs. Lead changes. Baseball is fun to watch when a team can put the ball into play. When there’s more action on the field than a batter walking back to the dugout with a bat in his hands. There were fifteen runs scored in the Astros-Athletics game. […]

Two games today.

The American League kicks it off today. Houston plays Oakland at Dodger Stadium. New York plays Tampa Bay at Petco Park in San Diego. The Yankees-Rays game features an epic pitching matchup. The Yankees send out Garrit Cole. The Rays, Blake Snell. This is why the Yankees gave Garrit Cole […]


Since the Rangers can’t go to the post-season, the post-season is coming to them. Now that the National League playoffs, then the World Series, will be held in Arlington, it will be curious to see what kind of press The Baseball Shed in Arlington gets. It’s coming out party will […]

Eight, seven Central.

Baseball has gone coastal.  In this participation trophy playoff structure, the National League Central sent four of its five teams to the playoffs. One of which, Milwaukee, never spent a day of the season over .500. The American League Central sent three teams. In a strange quirk to the strangest […]

Finally, real baseball.

The Cardinals-Padres game was a satisfying joy ride to the very end. The White Sox-Athletics game was as well. Those two games bring a measure of hope that baseball is still the greatest game to watch. Maybe it helps if you watch the right teams. The Cincinnati Reds were swept […]