One shade of Gray

Who thought Jon Gray was an ace? Who thought Jon Gray was even a number one starter? When the Rangers signed Gray in the offseason to a four-year contract for $56, they were making the ex-Rockie right-hander the centerpiece of their rotation for years to come. Yes, he had been […]

A special night.

Last night was the most special night of their careers for three people. Martin Perez. Chris Woodward. And Tony Beasley. For Perez, it was a complete game shutout over the Houston Astros, a team he had dominated a few starts earlier with a seven-inning, one-earned-run performance in a 3-2 loss. […]

Two kinds of hitters.

Looking around the landscape of major league baseball, it’s not fair to say nobody can hit. Yes, this is the lowest average batting average in fifty years. But not everyone is struggling. There are players on other teams that are doing fine. But what’s happening is, MLB has created two […]

The commissioner’s first draft, uncovered.

After talks between the owners and players broke down and games were officially cancelled, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred sent fans a letter explaining the owners side of what happened, in a moved designed to generate good will and positive PR for the league and club owners. In an exclusive you […]

How to build a team.

After winning the N.L. East the past three seasons, Atlanta was picked by most baseball experts to win their division again in 2021. Then the season unfolded. At the trade deadline they were treading water, stuck in third place, under .500.  Their young superstar outfielder, Ronald Acuña, Jr., broke his […]

The end.

Blanked by the Indians. It was a fitting end to the most inept of seasons. It was a season of questions that produced question marks rather than answers. Is there anyone offensively worth keeping? Of course, they will keep most everyone. First, it would be unlikely to replace an entire […]

All-Star hopefuls.

Despite Isiah Kiner-Falefa’s bluster about being the best shortstop, the Rangers had only one position player close to being voted onto the All-Star Game roster. Adolis Garcia finished fifth in outfield voting in the American League. Mike Trout finished first. He was transferred to the 60-day I.L. yesterday. He won’t […]

Shake it up.

Rangers manager Chris Woodward wasn’t happy with his offense. So, he shook up the lineup. He needs to go back and shake it again. Hopefully, that will shake out some runs. In what might be a long, protracted period of losing, the Rangers were shut out in Seattle last night […]

No luck.

The good luck charm ran out of magic last night. John King had been the rabbit’s foot and four-leaf clover and lucky bottle cap all in one for Rangers manager Chris Woodward. In twelve relief appearances, King had already picked up four wins. Those four Ws, in fact, lead all […]

Rangers offense gets AARP card.

The Rangers offense is like a retirement community in Florida. They dine at the early bird special, then head home to retire early to bed. From innings one through three, the Rangers are batting .304. After that, a deep sleep. From innings four through nine, the offense drops off the […]