A tale of two cities.

The Rangers go to Baltimore for three games. Texas is in first. Baltimore is in second. Wait. Texas first? Baltimore second? Is this some sort of bizarro world, opposite universe dream? Aren’t these two throw-in-the-towel teams? Each team’s last six seasons have been almost mirror images of one another. Shop […]

Leadership matters.

It’s so good to have successful leadership back in the Rangers dugout.  Managers who know how to manage because they’ve done it before. Coaches who know how to coach and have had success doing it. Jon Daniels liked to hire managers who had never managed before. Yes, he had some […]

Not yet.

Remember when you were a kid and the Christmas tree was up and there were presents under the tree with your name on it and it was a few days before Christmas and those wrapped gifts were like they were just mocking you to open them but you couldn’t and […]

Few surprises left.

There aren’t many surprises left in Surprise. There are so few going into any spring training. Rosters are mostly set every year. It’s not like Corey Seager has to come in and turn heads and see if he can make the team. The Rangers had their five-man rotation set beforehand. […]

The beauty of baseball.

If anyone wanted to know why baseball is the best sport on this planet, all they had to do was watch last night’s Mexico versus Japan game. Without sounding, well, weird, it’s one of those games that almost bring tears to your eyes that the game is so beautiful, so […]

Truly a classic.

The promise of the World Baseball Classic has been realized. There’s so much passion on display. From the players, from the fans, from the broadcasters. It truly is a classic. Venezuela stunned all-star-studded Dominican Republic 5-1 behind three strong innings from Martin Perez. The United States took care of Great […]

Rangers offense according to ZIPs.

ZIPs is an annual projection from Fan Graphs. It looks at a team’s moves and comments on its roster makeup. Here’s what they said about the Rangers offense. Batters: The Rangers undergo rebuilding with a refreshing urgency you don’t always see, though that’s hardly surprising since they’re not actually a […]

An RR3 Christmas.

Rangers fans have had it rough the past six years. Longer if you consider this team has not advanced in a playoff series since 2011. But the franchise started giving its fans gifts before Christmas. First, they got rid of their manager. Chris Woodward was a nice guy who was […]


The Rangers got their man. Two days before the start of the Winter Meetings, which haven’t been held since 2019 due to the pandemic and then the lockout, the Texas Rangers showed the baseball world, and Rangers fans, it was tired of being the eighty-pound weakling and having sand kicked […]