Guzman’s new approach.

Ronald Guzman is showing up to Rangers camp a new man: himself. Like Odor, Ronald Guzman is coming to spring training with a new approach to his hitting. Every Rangers fan is desperately hoping this approach is the right one. If he could ever get his offensive game anywhere in […]

Defensive deficiencies.

This is why defensive metrics are hard. And this is why the season needs to start soon so there will be something to talk about. Yesterday, mlb.com had an article, “Each team’s best defender.” The Rangers’ might surprise you. But, then again, it won’t because they used a stat called […]

Coming soon to a ballpark near you.

When you have a new year, it’s always a time to look forward. There will be a few significant changes to baseball in 2020. The first being the 26-man roster. Because the game has devolved into mainly a bullpen duel, teams are running out of pitchers and pinch hitters. So, […]


Richard Justice had another question and answer column on MLB.com. Paraphrasing: Q: Is Arenado a viable option and is he worth it? Justice: Blah blah blah. Risk Hem and haw. Maybe. Yack, yack. Expensive. Whatever. Reality: Yes. Why would any team not want the best player at his position. The […]

So far.

Yesterday, MLB.com’s Richard Justice wrote a column entitled, “The winners of the offseason (so far)…” Guess who made the list? One hint: the name of this site isn’t MarinersRounding3rd or PadresRounding3rd. Give up? It’s the Rangers. Here is what Justice had to say: “In an 18-day stretch, Texas’s rotation was […]

The Rangers focus.

“Our focus is getting back into contention and staying there for an extended period.” Those are the words of Rangers general manager Jon Daniels as he heads to San Diego for Monday’s beginning to the annual Winter Meetings. Daniels is a master at GMspeak. The art of saying something without […]


On this Thanksgiving Day, there’s a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for baseball.  It’s a cliché to say that bad baseball is better than no baseball but offseasons are tough. Without games to watch, it’s six months of darkness. While the baseball being played by my hometown hero […]

On cheating.

This sign stealing ordeal was wrong. What the Astros did in 2017 was cheating. There is no gray area. They knew it. Which is why they kept it hidden. That’s a dead giveaway it they knew it was wrong. Stealing signs from second base isn’t cheating. Everybody knows the other […]

Third rate.

What a difference a retirement makes. For the previous eight seasons the Rangers had the top third basemen in baseball. In a position heavy on offense and thick with talent, Texas had the best in Adrian Beltre. Then he had to go and get old. Replacing Beltre was always going […]