Dying to see a Rangers game?

The Texas Rangers are planning to sell tickets to their games this season. 

Before you buy a ticket, you might want to consider how the Rangers are treating the worldwide pandemic that has killed more than 120,000 Americans. How safe will you be going to a game?

It seems they are fine with you dying. As long as you pay for parking first. 

That might seem like a harsh assessment but if you look at how the Rangers have treated their employees, you will get a good sense of how they will treat their fans.

They don’t care.

Levi Weaver of The Athletic wrote a telling article yesterday about the cavalier and callous attitude the Rangers took with their employees.

They mandated a return to work at the office on June 15. This totally flew in the face of all other front offices in major league baseball. And it totally ignored what was happening in the state of Texas, and particularly in the DFW area. But, as Weaver reports, on June 10, Rangers co-chairman Ray Davis sent an email to employees saying they needed to “all be back in the office together.”

Never mind the pandemic. Never mind the danger.

Guess what happened? COVID cases within the Rangers office skyrocketed.

Then, to add onto the pile of stupidity, during a ZOOM employee meeting Friday, Jon Daniels, along with VP of Ballpark Operations Rob Matwick and staff internist Dr. David Hunter, told employees they were more likely to be infected at home and bring the virus into the office, and that social distancing was not as important as wearing a mask.

This is total absolute complete infinite unconditional absolute maximum all-out full-scale stupidity.

Whoever runs the Rangers drafting must also run their office services.

The CDC, which knows more about infectious diseases, says otherwise. “The best way to avoid illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus. Continue to keep about six feet between yourself and other. The cloth face cover is not a substitute for social distancing.”

The Rangers response to their employees is a toxic mix of heartlessness and brainlessness.

Rangers employees have turned to social media to express their anger and fear at being forced to work in the office, and under conditions that are in no way safe. 

In spite of it all, the Texas Rangers said they still plan to allow fans into games this season with up to fifty-percent capacity.

The team could not create a safe environment for a hundred employees. Do you actually think they can do that for 25,000 fans?


It seems like Jon Daniels understands the pandemic about as much as he understands player development.

Instead of careers, now it’s actual people who could die.