Guzman’s new approach.

Ronald Guzman is showing up to Rangers camp a new man: himself.

Like Odor, Ronald Guzman is coming to spring training with a new approach to his hitting.

Every Rangers fan is desperately hoping this approach is the right one. If he could ever get his offensive game anywhere in the same zip code as his defensive game, the Rangers would be set at first.

His approach, as mentioned to TR Sullivan, “I am going to Ronald Guzman and swing my way. Keep it simple. Be myself. Not overthink things.”

As Sullivan points out, the coaching staff’s approach last year may have overwhelmed the players with so much information they tried to do too much. 

It’s hard to say if it all got into Guzman’s head. But now he has to get it working at the plate.

In 2019, the left-handed hitter really struggled against lefty pitching, hitting .134 with just two home runs in 67 at-bats. He wasn’t stellar against righties either, at .249.

The Rangers handed Guzman the job last year but now seem hellbent on finding any way possible to take it back from him, or at least part of it. 

Maybe Todd Frazier. Maybe Greg Bird. Maybe Nick Solak, or Danny Santana.

The problem with the Rangers lineup is it’s filled with far too many maybes.