Hot stove league: Free agent pitchers. 13 comments

So far the Rangers have made the biggest free agent signing of the off-season in inking catcher Jeff Mathis to a two-year deal.

That is how uneventful the free agent market has been thus far.

Eventually teams and players are going to come to agreements. So, to get the hot stove league started, below is the list of available free agent pitchers, ranked by last year’s salary from spotrac. Many are former Rangers.

How many will be future Rangers? Hint: Look for cheap recently injured cheap reclamation projects cheap past their prime cheap innings eaters who will work cheap.

James Shields, age 37, $21 million
Ervin Santana, 36, $13.5 million
Dallas Keuchel, 31, $13.2 million
Marco Estrada, 35, $13 million
J.A. Happ, 36, $13 million

Lance Lynn, 32, $12 million
Gio Gonzalez, 33, $12 million
Brandon McCarthy, 35, $11.5 million
Charlie Morton, 35, $8.875 million
Drew Pomeranz, 30, $8.5 million*

Patrick Corbin, 30, $7.5 million
Garrett Richards, 31, $7.3 million
Martin Perez, 28, $6 million
Matt Harvey, 30, $5.625 million
Miguel Gonzalez, 35, $4.75 million

Brett Anderson, 31, $4 million
Francisco Liriano, 35, $4 million
Doug Fister, 35, $3.5 million
Tyson Ross, 32, $2.7 million
Hisashi Iwakuma, 38, $2.5 million

Wade Miley, 32, $2.5 million
Bartolo Colon, 46, $2.45 million
Kyle Lohse, 40, $2.33 million
Yovani Gallardo, 33, $2.3 million
Nathan Eovaldi, 29, $2 million

Jeremy Hellickson, 32, $2 million
Trevor Cahill, 31, $1.5 million
Clay Buchholz, 34, $1.5 million
Edwin Jackson, 35, $1.5 million
Nate Karns, 31, $1.375 million

Anibal Sanchez, 36, $1 million
Jordan Lyles, 28, $750,000
Nick Tepesch, 30, $572,300
Casey Kelly, 29, $572,300
Taylor Guerrieri, 27, $545,000

Chris Tillman, 31, $545,000
Ross Detwiler, 33, $545,000
Jo-Jo Reyes, 34, $545,000

(players in boldface are former Rangers, asterisk means drafted by Rangers)

  • calntom

    Midol wrote”: How many will be future Rangers? Hint: Look for cheap recently injured cheap reclamation projects cheap past their prime cheap innings eaters who will work cheap.”

    Since the Rangers will not compete for anything in 2019, Midol describes what makes sense for the Rangers, though I could see JD signing one of the arms listed in the article that would be on a 2 or 3 year deal that could help in 2020 or be traded in 19 or 20 for more farm depth.

    I will not be disappointed if nothing significant happens other than selling off players throughout 2019.

    It would be nice if one of the imminent reclamation signings would pan out into a trade in 2019. They already have a few possibilities in the fold.

    • dearmidol

      While you are absolutely right, this team won’t compete, it sure would be nice, as a fan, to have something to root for.

      • calntom

        For me, next year’s rooting will be about Volquez and Smyly coming off surgeries and hopefully seeing them return as some sort of welcome additions to the team even if they are flipped at some point for the overall betterment of the future.

        I will be rooting for Choo’s departure, hopefully sooner than later in order to free up that DH spot so we can see the “up and comers” as they take those plate appearances while adding another prospect to the farm for Choo. If that is not something to root for, I don’t know what is? lol

        There are going to be arms like Mendez, Jurado, Sampson, Springs, Sadzeck and more vying for rotation and pen spots, just to name a few. Bush may be a factor as well. A few of those guys are going to figure into 2021 and 22 seasons.

        Will Hearn and many others make progress this year in the minors? The farm system should be closely watched as a couple may make it up to Frisco at some point this year and the Rangers also have quality arms on the farm coming off surgeries and back into the system.

        Will Leclerc be an absolute lights out closer once again? Should be fun to root for Leclerc if he gets an opportunity to save a few.

        Watching for Gallo, Mazara, Odor, Profar, IKF, Guzman, Calhoun, Heineman and Tocci to take the next steps. There are plenty to root for in that group.

        The team is what it is as things stand now. If it is about rooting for victories on the field, the only ones we may see are some of the ones I described above. I guess it is more like, “small victories” in 2019, but perhaps, victories nonetheless.

        • Rowdy Yates

          Wish the Rangers hadn’t paid Choo the ridiculous amount they did as he is a valuable player and a clubhouse leader. Just not worth anything near what he’s being paid now. And the Rs are going to have to eat a large part of it to move him.

          Will really miss watching Rangers AAA team at Round Rock. Really PO’d to see them move but it was inevitable.

          • calntom

            Most would love to see the Rangers munch down on that Choo contract though probably won’t get any takers unless injuries occur on a contender during the season. Rangers could afford to eat 21 of the 42 over 2 years and that ought to buy a prospect or two. Something to hope for…….

          • calntom

            Maybe even a lesser contender might bite on Choo if they are pushing for a WC

        • dearmidol

          I will be rooting the Rangers have the kind of season again where nobody shows up and I can pretty much sit wherever I want.

          • calntom

            There is that.
            Buy the cheapest stub hub or box office ticket available and move from the 3rd base side to behind home plate in the 3rd inning, or sooner…….

          • dearmidol


            I agree it’s great to root for players individually, and I will be doing that, it’s just such a let down to have your team go into a season having no chance to compete.

          • calntom

            I hear ya. But you still get to watch every pitch from close up when you are there.

  • calntom

    Another thing one has to wonder is how last year’s lull in the FA market might effect this year signings. Can the GM’s expect to get some team friendly deals through player paranoia of not getting signed until during or after ST?

    • dearmidol

      That’s a good question. I am surprised there hasn’t been a big free agent signing so far.

      • calntom

        If a team makes a fair offer and it is not accepted and taken off the table, then it should be a reverse auction from there….. that might be considered collusion.
        Is that what they did last year?