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It can always be worse.

The Seattle Mariners are in just about the exact same position for a wild card spot as the Rangers. Meaning, somewhere in the middle of impossible and forget it.

But while the Rangers have made the playoffs in two of the past four years, imagine being a Mariner fan.

In 2001 their team broke the all-time record for wins in a season with 116. Then they turned right around and lost in the first round of playoffs (where have Rangers fans heard that before?)

Then nothing. And nothing. And nothing.

From the best-ever to nothing.

The Mariners are about to suffer their sixteenth straight season without making a post-season. And they really haven’t been relevant. Nine of the sixteen seasons finishing fourth (could be ten if the Rangers somehow win one more game this season than the Mariners). Just three second place finishes.

No wild cards. No second wild cards. No nothing.

I don’t feel sorry for them. That’s a lot of bad baseball and a lot of bad decision making. And it’s on them. But I do bring this up only as a reminder that, windows of opportunity close fast.

Sometimes they get nailed shut.

The Rangers learned that this season. They need to remember it this off-season.


Martin Perez (12-11, 4.28) vs. Mike Leake (10-12, 4.01)
Game time: 9:10

How the Rangers hit against Leake.
How the Mariners hit against Perez.