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    Our Factory
    Located in Hangzhou China and close to Shanghai seaport and Ningbo seaport, KAVASS Security Tech Limited is a leading manufacturer in physical security industry. From product design, fabrication to operation and maintenance, KAVASS team is constantly striving to provide customers with reliable products and efficient services. Cost effectiveness and competitiveness of products is improved by innovative technology and scientific management. As a result, we can deliver more value to our customers.
    Over the last 10+ years, KAVASS has grew into a comprehensive expert of perimeter security and entrance access from a small fabrication workshop. We’ve established long-term relationships with customers from over 30 countries and aim for achieving win-win cooperation with more partners worldwide in future.
    Although we can’t stop terrorist incidents or accidents, we desire to protect people’s lives and property safely by our products and services.
    KAVASS mission: Create value for customers by reliable products and efficient services
    Provide safe area to human.
    KAVASS vision: Customers, partners and employees will feel safe because of KAVASS
    Our Product
    1.Perimeter security
    2.Street Furniture
    3.Entrance access
    4.Parking management
    Product Application
    Metal and electronic perimeter security products for both vehicle and pedestrian control
    Our Certificate
    CERevolving Full Height Turnstile Gate factory