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    Remote meter reading for DG-CJQ01 collector
    Item No.:DG-CJQ01
    MOQ:1 pc
    DG-CJQ01 collector is MBUS three-level architecture meter reading collector, uplink support RS485 bus or LORA wireless spread spectrum and concentrator communication, downlink support two MBUS, one MBUS can bring 255 MBUS meter,the two channels can carry a total of 510 meters and support the standard CJ-188 protocol.
    ◆ Meter reading function: Receiving single copy of concentrator, batch reading instructions to execute meter reading.
    ◆ Automatic supplementary meter reading function: For the meters that failed to copy, it can automatically make up the copy, improve the efficiency of the administrator’s meter reading.
    ◆ Remote configuration function: You can initialize the collector through the meter reading software, download the meter address, delete the meter address, etc., to facilitate debugging.
    ◆ Overload protection function: When the MBUS bus is abnormal, the collector has the function of automatically cutting off the MBUS bus power supply protection and alarming.
    ◆ Reliability design: Double watchdog anti-crash design, long-term outdoor operation, no crash.
    ModelUplink communication
    X=ALORA wireless
    Downlink communication interface
    Bus typeMBUS bus
    Number of channels2
    Communication rate1200~115200BPS
    Communication protocolCJ-188/Other customization
    Loaded quantity510,Single channel 255
    Uplink communication interface
    Bus typeRS485 or LORA wireless optional
    Communication protocolDEGAO concentrator communication protocol
    Working environment
    Operating temperature-45℃~+85℃
    Humidity range0~95%,Non-condensing
    Power supply
    Operating Voltage220VAC
    Acquisition power consumption≤20W,Connected to 510 meters
    Communication power consumption≤10W
    Length x width x height160x110x70mmChina Water Meter Reading