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    ● Product introduction: Glass wire covered wire is immersed in 1-2 layers of alkali-free glass fiber on copper (aluminum) conductor according to customer’s requirements. It is impregnated and baked with insulating paint with required temperature index and compatibility. The glass fiber and the conductor are bonded together to form a whole winding wire. At present, the temperature index of the product is 130, 155, 180, and the insulation thickness is generally 20, 30, 40, 50. Levels. This product is widely used in windings of transformers, electromagnets, electric welders or other similar electrical equipment products. The bare copper (aluminum) wire produced by the extrusion process is the most ideal material for the production of glass-coated copper (aluminum) wire.
    ● FAQ
    01:Free Sample
    If you have any questions please contact us we will be happy to serve you
    02:Are you a manufacturer or a trading company ?
    The company is a domestic professional production of electromagnetic line manufacturers
    03:How large the scale of your company?
    Our Company covers almost 2,700,000 square meters.and 76 sets included continuous extrusion.
    04:How many kind of spools size ?
    PT-500 and600 etc.
    05:What is specifications of enameled wire your company can produce?
    1.Enameled round wire: 0.10mm-6.00mm
    2.Enameled rectangular wire: Side(a): 1mm-10mm, Side(b): 3mm-16mm
    3.Kraft paper covered round wire: 1.5mm-5.0mm
    4.Kraft paper covered ractangular wire: Side(a)1.0mm-5.6mm, Side(b) 2.00-16mm
    5.Fiberglass covered round wire:1.00mm-5.00mm
    6.Fiberglass covered rectangular wire:Side(a)1.00mm-5.60mm,Side(b)2.00mm-16.00mm
    06:Why most of custormers choose us?
    No. of Employees: 150, including 5 Senior Engineers
    Workshops: 15000.00m2 in area included Oxygen-Free Copper and Aluminum Rod Workshop, Continuous Extrusion Workshop, Wire Drawing Workshop, etc.
    Equipments: 12 sets include continuous extrusion, more than 100 production lines.
    Production capacity: 500MT/ month.China Double Glass Fiber Covered Wire suppliers