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    ⅠProducts Name: Ceramic Foam Filter
    ⅡProducts Appearance:
    ① USE
    For the filtration of the molten Aluninium and its alloys.
    The filters be phosphate bonded(Sintering Process),High purity aluminia or Fused silica,Resist erosive and chemical attack and not be soluble in molten Aluminium at temperature 800℃ or less. The filter is strong enough to withstand various processes,such that during transport would not get damaged in normal operational use.It have no loose ceramic particles or powder(snowing).It with a self expandable gasket or silicate fiber gasket in the periphery.
    ③ Dimensions
    Modelproduct sizecarton sizepcs/ctnN.W/PCG.W/CTNG.W/20GPG.W/40HQ
    12 inches305*305*50660*270*290101.8722985625344
    15 inches381*381*50430*410*44062.8219665013300
    17 inches432*432*50475*410*49063.6125600015000
    20 inches508*508*50550*410*56565.0734761615232
    23 inches584*584*50630*410*63566.5643580515480
    The Ceramic Foam filter be individually packed in such a way as to minimize the risk of breakage.Each pack have a print of production date, batch number. Individual Filters be further packed in cartons suitably designed to prevent ingress of moisture and clearly color-coded for the porosity of filters.
    Should be stored in dry and ventilated area.
    Ⅵ Our factory
    Guangxi Luzhiyuan new material co., LTD., be established based on the international market and high quality requirement domestic demand, planning and construction of the current two highest level of automation production lines, a total investment of more than 50 millions yuan. Production line is for foam automatic cutting, rolling forming, the embryonic body computer monitoring and continuous microwave drying and the tunnel kiln firing process, the degree of automation and advanced equipment has reached the level of similar companies in the United States.The first production line at the end of November went into operation in 2015, the second production line put into production in June, 2016.Each production line can produce all kinds of 300,000 pieces of foam ceramic filter, It can satisfy the high speed train, Apple mobile phone panel, aerospace, military industry and other key aluminum alloy materials filtering requirements.
    Refining filter Ceramic Foam Filter for sale