Memory lane.

You have to love these dog days of winter, when there is absolutely nothing to talk about. 

So, the main story on is “Revisiting the Kluber trade.”

Yes, let’s set our time machines back to that day in mid-December of 2019 when that game-changing trade went down. 

That was way before the new decade. Way before the 2020s. Before the Coronavirus and the rebirth of the XFL and the new season of Better Call Saul.

Remember life back then? 

Communication was done with a technology known at the time as “texting.” People drove in cars powered by gasoline. Since then, Kluber has gone on to dominate in a bullpen session in mid-February. 

So, here’s to remembering the Kluber trade. Read all about it here.

The Rangers have not lost a single game since then. 

I remember it well.