Merry Christmas from RR3. 12 comments

Happy Christmas to everyone who makes up the RR3 community.

This has been a trying year for me personally as well as for me as a Rangers fan. It’s demoralizing to go into a season knowing your team has zero chance at making the post-season and really slim chances of finishing higher than last. Now we will have back-to-back seasons like that to look forward to. If at times I have taken a less than positive attitude about our favorite team on this site, I apologize. It’s hard not to call them as I see them.

In April I walked away from my job of eight years. For the past two years, every six months like clockwork I was forced to lay off good, talented people. That specter was looming again. I couldn’t do it again. I couldn’t look good people in the eye and tell them, through no fault of their own, I had to let them go when the people whose fault it was got to stay. So, I resigned. I have been freelancing ever since, and staying afloat. I have not for one moment regretted my decision.

In October, I was rudely greeted with a sucker punch to the gut. I opened the morning paper to see my photo staring back at me in an article about registered sex offender and child pornographer with the same name. They ran my picture by mistake. The days right after that were among the most challenging of my life. I had to defend my honor with people I never would have thought would have believed that about me. But, I could understand it in a way. Creeps like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein have make the guilty before proven innocent mentality prevalent. In today’s environment, you are guilty as charged the moment you are charged. Still, it broke my heart to hear of a few friends who thought I was capable of doing such a thing.┬áThe paper ran a large retraction the following day but the damage had been done.

It’s in the hands of lawyers now.

Through it all, the friendships I have made through this site were a huge comfort and have kept me going.

Christmas Day is a time for reflecting on things that are good in your life. Thanks for being here. Thanks for coming. Thanks for contributing. Thanks for hearing out my opinion every day. Thanks for being mostly civil and decent and keeping this site a strong, tight knit community of friends who are always there.

Also, let’s remember fondly the RR3 friends who are no longer with us. They are missed.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, have a great Christmas Day. And ignore the fact that the Rangers put a lump of coal in your stocking again.