Minor masterpiece.

Mike Minor now has a career ERA of 0.39 career in 23 1/3 innings against the Indians.

To all those teams that desperately needed starting pitching at the trade deadline but refused to give the Rangers fair value for Mike Minor.

Too bad.

Minor proved why he is one of the game’s top pitchers again last night, against a team that is most likely playoff bound. 

He was never in serious trouble, yielding just seven easy singles and one walk. It was about as close to cruise control as a starting pitcher could get.

While the Astros decided to pay greatly for Zack Greinke because a championship means more to them than potluck prospects, other teams decided to take the meek road and retreat with their tails between their legs.

Rangers fans are glad they did. 

While there is no guarantee that what the Rangers would have gotten for Minor would have paid off, it is a little curious how two years ago Yu Darvish, having a mediocre season in which he was 6-9 with an ERA north of 4.00, was able to net Willie Calhoun, yet apparently Mike Minor, having an All-Star season, wasn’t able to generate anything worthy.

Darvish went on to fail on the biggest possible stage. And Minor had another brilliant game.

Maybe baseball people aren’t as smart as we fans give them credit for. 



Ariel Jurado (6-6, 4.92) vs. Zach Plesac (6-3, 3.41)

Game time: 7:10