Missing sports.

Sure is weird not having sports. Not just baseball, but anything. 

When people say there are a lot more important things to worry about right now than sports, I disagree. What better thing to take our minds of what is going on around us?

During WW2, when so much industry and so many lives were devoted to the war effort, and only essential business was allowed to operate, President Roosevelt felt, rightly, that baseball was an essential business. It bound the country. It was a national salve. 

Playing games in front of no fans is never an ideal solution. But think of how much of a badly needed shot in the arm it would be to Americans right now to have something to root for, something to root around, something to do. Yes, there are the obvious health concerns about the players, umpires, and necessary employees needed to pull of such a thing, and those are not being taken lightly or being ignored.

Stephen Colbert joked that March Madness without fans would just be March. And, at the time, he had a point. But now it would be must view watching. 

Imagine if they could play baseball right now, even in a stripped down form of some kind. Viewership would be through the roof.

So much of the news is bad news, depressing news, divisive news, and in many cases, false news. 

American ingenuity has solved so many problems. Surely they can solve the no sports problem. 

The economic damage and health concerns are real. But let’s not forget something just as vitally important. The psychological damage.  

Sports are vitally important.