Hello, reality.

Maybe the Rangers aren’t at the same level as the Twins. Or maybe this is just a blip in the radar. Maybe the Rangers aren’t among the elite teams in the American League after all. Or maybe they are just limping into the All-Star break waiting for Hunter Pence to […]

Home run derby.

With the first home run the Twins hit last night, they broke the record for most home runs hit before the All-Star break at 162, They hit three more to move to 165. It would be impressive if it was actually something impressive. But this is the year of the […]

Lance a lot.

The long national nightmare is over. The Rangers snapped their four-game losing streak to beat the Mike Trouts. Lance Lynn is now tied for the major league lead in wins with eleven.  He is the new Colby Lewis, an under-the-radar battler who guts it out and goes deep into every […]

Eleven years later, he made it.

It’s not about the Rangers losing four in a row just like it’s never been about how the Rangers finish this season.  It’s about guys like Phillips Valdez.  He may end up being no more than a footnote for 2019. But he finally got the chance to pitch in the […]

An ugly one.

Two-hundred forty-nine pitches. Eleven walks. Two batters hit. Four errors. Eight hits. Nine runs.  After the tragedy of Monday, you would have expected it would have been the Angels who would not have come out sharp. Instead, it was the Rangers who played sloppy, unfocused baseball Tuesday night, from the […]

So sad.

We scream at them when they don’t get that clutch hit. We curse at them when they walk that runner with bases loaded. We hate them when they bat .188. We love them when they are doing super-human things. It’s hard to remember sometimes that they are just human. They […]

Three All-Stars.

Three Rangers are All-Stars. Hunter Pence, who will be the starting DH, and Joey Gallo and Mike Minor. Minor could be the starting pitcher. The number of players that makes the All-Star team is a real barometer of how good that team is. During the glory years, the Rangers were […]

Six-game winning streak ends.

Whoever is in charge of Tampa Bay’s pitching development department, the Rangers need to hire right away. The Rays seem to manufacture quality starters like they were coming off an assembly line, whereas the Rangers are like the mad scientist flailing away in the basement trying to develop a formula […]


Lance Lynn is leading the American League in wins. With ten. He is tied with Justin Verlander.  Repeat, Lance Lynn is tied with Justin Verlander in a positive pitching category. Four pitchers in the AL, in fact, have ten wins. Three of them have ERAs under 3. Lynn’s is 4.00. That […]

Half way there.

Last year after 81 games, the Rangers were 35-46. They finished the season 67-95. They finished last. In 2017 after 81 games, the Rangers were 40-41. They finished the season 78-84. They tied for third. In 2016, the year the Rangers won the West and had the best record in […]