Catching up.

According to the Rangers, 2019 was an evaluation period. It was about learning. Rangers fans hope Jon Daniels didn’t like the lessons.  The team finished twenty games out. Of second. This team would have to take a dramatic and monumental leap forward just to have a shot at a wild […]

Let the old guys play.

So, what can we take from this World Series. Or, actually the better question is, what can baseball take from this? Even better, what can the Rangers take from this? Both Houston and Washington placed a premium on starting pitching. The Nationals, in fact, had zero faith in its bullpen.  […]

A.J. Flinch.

Now there are six. Colorado Rockies. Milwaukee Brewers. San Diego Padres. Seattle Mariners. Tampa Bay Rays. Texas Rangers. Washington Nationals Last night, in a 6-2 Game 7 victory in front of a stunned Houston crowd, with an assist from Houston’s manager, the Washington Nationals erased their name off the list […]


There will be a Game 7 today. In one of the weirdest World Series ever, the home team has lost every game. So, now it comes down to a one-game shoot out with Max Scherzer on the mound for Washington and Zack Greinke on the mound for Houston. It’s been […]

The count counts.

After so many questionable ball and strike calls in Game 5, it was natural that so much of the talk on MLB Network Radio yesterday would be about the emergence of the electronic strike zone. As might be expected, opinions on either side were passionate. On one side was the […]

Back to Houston.

This World Series has been the opposite of home sweet home. After five games the road team has won every time. If that holds up, it would be good news for Washington as the Series shifts back to Houston. The Nationals have Stephen Strasburg on the mound tomorrow against Justin […]

Astros tie Series.

After dropping two World Series games in a row, is it panic time for the Washington Nationals? No. Has the momentum shifted to the Astros? No. You’re never out of it when your next two pitchers are Max Scherzer and Stephen Stasburg. Never mind that the Astros next two are […]

Astros show signs of life, win Game 3.

Washington came down with a case of Houstonitis. After doing everything right in its two games in Houston, the Nationals come back and do what the Astros had done in Games 1 and 2. It failed when it mattered. The Nationals went 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position. And left […]

Intentional walk away.

You may have missed it in the onslaught of Nationals offense and Astros shaky defense in the seventh inning of Game 2. But the Astros did something they hadn’t done all season.  They panicked. They intentionally walked a batter. Not just any batter, it was Juan Soto, Washington’s twenty-year-old superstar […]

Washington stuns Houston.

Something happened on Houston’s route to steamrolling through the 2019 World Series. The Washington Nationals’ bats showed up.  When they beat Garrit Cole, it was surprising. But once they accomplished that, beating Justin Verlander wasn’t nearly as much of a shocker. This post-season, Verlander has been beatable. He came into […]