Glaring deficiencies. 91 comments

  Sometimes you have the reality shoved in your face. It’s not pretty and it’s not subtle. And it hurts. But the reality is the Texas Rangers have a Grand Canyon-sized gap in talent to make up before they can be competitive with the Houston Astros, or with the best […]

So close. 147 comments

  They always say baseball is a game of inches. Ask Hunter Pence about the ball he hit last night in the ninth. He’d say it’s more like a game of a quarter of an inch. That’s how close he came to hitting his second home run of the game, […]

Odor heating up. 262 comments

  This is not a hate on Roogie piece. So, as you read on, don’t ball your fists in anger and brand me an Odor hater. I am not. I am Odornostic. This is an honest suggestion on how Rougned Odor can get out of his deep funk. It’s the […]

IndisPenceable. 176 comments

  After watching Hunter Pence in just one at-bat or make one play in the field, it’s impossible not to root for him. He seems like a regular guy. Like he’s the guy from IT you let play on the company softball team because he’s the only one who knows […]

The difference. 285 comments

After thirty-two games last year, the Rangers were 12-20. They were 13-19 in 2017. This year, they are 16-16. So, it’s safe to say the change in direction has changed the Rangers direction. But there’s really one big difference between this year’s Rangers and the past two losing efforts. Joey […]

Back to .500. 69 comments

  The thing about being a .500 club is when you win a few games in a row, it seems that this is the beginning of a long winning streak and your team can always play this way and there is no way it can ever lose. Until they lose […]

Little tweaks. 190 comments

  Often it’s the little changes that make a big difference. When you look around the landscape of baseball, most teams bat their most productive player second. That’s where Mike Trout bats. That’s where Paul Goldschmidt bats. For far too long the Rangers batted their least productive hitter there. Until […]

Minor again. 66 comments

  Call the jeweler, Mike Minor just cut another gem. Just when it seemed Mike Minor couldn’t get any better, he goes out and throws another masterpiece. Eight scoreless innings with nine strikeouts. He allowed more baserunners than he would have liked, giving up seven hits and issuing two walks, […]

Fastest to 100. 223 comments

  Joey Gallo hits a home run every 11.8 official at-bats. He has ninety-nine career home runs. In 1,173 at-at bats. One more to 100. The major league record for quickest to 100 career home runs belongs to ex-Phillie Ryan Howard. He got to 100 in 1,141 at-bats, just thirty-two […]

So many innings, so few choices. 79 comments

  Right now, Chris Woodward is trying to find out who he can trust in the bullpen. It’s like a Russian spy novel. He is too deep into the season to think his Bottom Three starters are going to give him any sort of length. He can expect four innings, […]