Rangers blow a 5-0 lead. 47 comments

  When you take a five-run lead before the other team has even stepped to the plate, you should win. Teams that blow that lead shouldn’t even think about the post-season. Upset about comments that the Rangers were done for the season, manager Jeff Banister, full of bluster and hubris […]

Changing it up. 170 comments

  A 96-pitch complete game 4-1 victory over the Minnesota Twins. Last night, Cole Hamels pitched like the Cole Hamels the Rangers traded for. Even better, in fact. It was his best game of the season, a season that has been up and down and interrupted by injury. After the […]

Maybe this is the real Martin Perez. 363 comments

  Maybe the corner doesn’t exist on any Google map that Martin Perez’s career is supposed to turn down. Maybe a brick wall is all he is destined to run into. Maybe after 108 games over six seasons, he is what he is, and it’s delusional to think he will […]

3 AD. 167 comments

  Day three After Darvish, and the Rangers are having one of their best runs of the year, going 2-1 in those three Darvishless games. Last night, A. J. Griffin came off the D.L. and absolutely dominated, giving up just two hits and one run in six innings, to improve […]

My apologies to Joey Gallo. 190 comments

  I was wrong about Joey Gallo. I was wrong when, after watching him flail helplessly at major league pitching time after time after time after time last season, the two seasons before, and every spring training, I declared he would never figure it out. I was wrong about Joey […]

Gallo vs Odor. 133 comments

  One fun thing to follow the rest of the season is the Home Run Derby between Joey Gallo and Rougned Odor. Who will hit the most out when it’s all said and done? Gallo hit two last night to get to 27. After hitting two the game before, Odor hit […]

Life after Yu 2. 83 comments

    The Rangers are having only their second losing season since the World Series years. Think about that. The fact that this is only their second failed season since 2010 is something that should be put up in sky writing in bold letters. It’s been a pretty successful franchise […]

National Texas Rangers day. 524 comments

  Sunday, July 30, 2017, was a great day to be at Texas Rangers fan. On the field. And in Cooperstown. If not on the scoreboard or in the standings. The greatest catcher to play the game of baseball was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame just minutes before […]

Nothing to see. 268 comments

    It was one of the largest crowds in the Ballpark this year. They went home empty handed. Their hero came up one hit shy of 3000. And their team came up four runs shy of respectability. The offense was shut out by a pitcher who came into the […]

Rangers win, gain no ground. 244 comments

The Rangers are at it again. They win two in a row.                          Yay. This is the greatest team ever. Then they lose five in a row.                         […]