It’s Chris Woodward. 47 comments

  The Rangers have a new manager. Chris Woodward, fresh off the World Series, where he was the third base coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers. A former big leaguer, Woodward was an infielder for twelve seasons, mostly with Toronto. Let’s just say he didn’t make a big-league club on […]

Swinging and missing. 67 comments

It’s not surprising, but here is a list of the teams that struck out the least in the American League and the teams that struck out the most. Fewest strikeouts in the AL, and where they finished in their division (number of wins): Cleveland, 1189, first (91) Houston, 1197, first […]

Filling the manager vacancy. 39 comments

In an article in yesterday’s The Athletic, Rangers beat writer Levi Weaver was discussing all the candidates for Rangers manager and promoted a radical idea. What if they don’t hire a manager? What if all they need is a bench coach to perform the perfunctory activities like taking out the […]

Thanks. 86 comments

Thanks. Thanks for sticking with for another season of Rangers baseball. Our slogan, “Making Rangers baseball tolerable since 2014,” couldn’t have been more appropriate. 2018 was a mostly forgettable season. The front office threw in the towel. Fans followed suit soon thereafter. The Ballpark looked like a Sears on […]

Here’s to the underdogs. 57 comments

One last thought about the World Series. What we need are more Steve Pearces. More regular guys winning the World Series MVPs. More longshots and underdogs. More Rudy stories and Hoosiers stories and 1980 US Olympic hockey team stories. That is what makes baseball so amazing. Everybody has a shot. If you […]

Game 5:  Red Sox win. 67 comments

This one was effectively over after the third batter of the game. Steve Pearce, who would go on to win the World Series MVP, hit a two-run homer in the top of the first inning off hard luck Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw to put the game away. From that […]

Game 4:  Red Sox apply the dagger. 266 comments

Maybe it’s appropriate that it’s Halloween season and the Boston Red Sox offense is like the villain Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. You cannot kill him, no matter how many times you try. It looked like the Red Sox were on the ropes yesterday. They lost that heart-breaking 18-inning […]

Games 3 and 4: Dodgers win what seemed like two games. 163 comments

The longest World Series game in history ended after seven hours and twenty minutes, and after eighteen innings. It was long. Long enough for two seventh-inning stretches. Long enough for two complete games. Long enough for Boston to burn through three starting pitchers. And Boston reliever Nathan Eovaldi to pitch […]

Why the universe needs Boston to win. 446 comments

You might not be a Boston fan. You may in fact be a Boston hater. But there’s no denying this is a fun team to watch. And no denying that, for the survival of the universe and everyone who loves baseball, the Red Sox must win. Boston hits, hits in […]

Boston goes up 2-0. 28 comments

Dave Roberts can’t help himself. He read a book called How to Manage in the Age of Analytics and cannot manage any other way. He cannot let the action on the field dictate his decision making. He cannot use his eyes. He can only use the data given to him […]