Dead on arrival. 162 comments

  The Rangers rotation to begin the season was: Cole Hamels, Doug Fister, Martin Perez, Matt Moore, and Mike Minor. Or to put it in layman’s terms, it was: Aging, Wing and a Prayer, Failure, Pitiful, and Question Mark. That’s like going into a street fight with a butter knife. […]

Trying to avoid 100. 46 comments

  It could happen. It would take an amazing last two weeks, but the Rangers could win one more game this season. And if they were somehow to do that, it would guarantee they would not have a 100-loss season. Monday’s rare victory, over the Angels, was win number 62 […]

Rangers two-hit the Angels! 74 comments

  The good news: Four Rangers pitchers combined to two-hit the powerful Los Angeles Angels. Adrian Sampson, making his second-ever major league start after being picked up from the bargain bin, threw five innings of one-run baseball. The final three relievers shut out the Angels the rest of the way, […]

Double positive. 71 comments

  Looking for positives on this team’s pitching is actually pretty easy. There are so few that the good ones stand out like a skyscraper in a desert. Mike Minor picked up his club-best twelfth win and Jose Leclerc picked up his tenth save in last night’s 5-2 win over […]

A bright spot. 67 comments

  Swept in Oakland. If there was ever any doubt from anyone but the most optimistic of rose-colored glasses Pollyannas, yesterday’s 7-3 loss to Oakland eliminates any chance of Texas finishing over .500. It was their eighty-second loss of the season. It will be the Rangers’ third under-.500 finish in […]

Eventually. 47 comments

  Eventually, you run out of places to hide Martin Perez. Under a rock under the deepest ocean floor on the planet furthest away from our solar system wouldn’t be far enough. But it would be a start. Eventually, Adrian Beltre will stop performing at an elite level. But, it […]

Reality is here. 109 comments

  Knock knock. Who’s there? Reality? Reality who? Reality showed up for Yovani Gallardo. (Wait a beat) I don’t get it. Get what? How was that a knock knock joke? It’s not a joke. It’s just that reality knocked on the door and Yovani Gallardo finally answered it. Last night […]

Org charts. 32 comments

  There is probably no truer barometer of how the role of the major league manager is valued by front office today than what they are paying major league managers. According to an article by legendary writer Bob Nightengale in USA Today, twenty-one of the thirty major league managers are […]

Another rough start for Bartolo. 34 comments

  That great Cinderalla story might be coming to its “and they lived happily after ever” part. Bartolo Colon is running on fumes. The ageless wonder, who so brilliantly and surprisingly dominated early this season, was picked up off the scrap heap where his general manager is owns a frequent […]

A thing called pitching. 50 comments

  There’s an old saying in baseball that any night you go to a ballgame there’s a chance to see something that had never been seen before. It happened last night at the Ballpark. Rangers fans witnessed a rare event indeed. What they say was what’s known as “pitching.” It’s […]