Just like starting over. 224 comments

  On opening day, Rougned Odor hit two home runs. He promptly went into hibernation for two months. He had his second two-home-run game last night against the Astros. This about a week after having a four-strikeout night against them at the Ballpark, leaving eight runners stranded. Let’s hope with […]

A speeding car. 161 comments

A brilliant headline in the Arizona Republic got picked up by every news source in America and made the rounds in social media yesterday: Even funnier, who saw this speeding locomotive called the Texas Rangers undefeated road trip coming? So far it’s flattened the Washington Nationals. And last night it ran over […]

ABD was AOK. 352 comments

  In 1971, Texas took the team from Washington DC. Forty-six years later, Texas took the team from Washington DC again, but in a different way. In what has to be the most unlikely sweep of the twenty-first century, the sluggish Texas Rangers came into DC and won three games […]

RBI machine. 255 comments

  Before he got injured, the best hitter in baseball, Mike Trout, was having his best season of his career. He was (technically still is) averaging one RBI for every 4.5 at-bats this season. The backup catcher for the Rangers, Robinson Chirinos, has that beat by a country mile. With […]

Rangers 5, Best Team In The National League 2. 239 comments

  Looking back on this glorious season, the Rangers’ improbably run to a World Series championship started with a 5-2 Friday night win in early June with an unlikely victory over the best team in the National League at the time, the Washington Nationals. Andrew Cashner started his string of sixteen straight […]

Sellers. 203 comments

  Jon Daniels has made some monumentally franchise altering trades. Jon Daniels has made some monumentally franchise crippling trades. You take the good with the bad. As the Rangers begin looking at pieces to deal in order to rehydrate an arid farm system, it’s worth looking at Daniels’ trade history […]

More of the same. 111 comments

  This is the bane of  bad teams. Only a few of the cylinders fire at the same time. When the pitching is good, the offense isn’t. When the offense is good, the bullpen isn’t. When the pitching and offense are good, the defense and bullpen let you down. Rangers fans […]

Rangers rain hits. 185 comments

  What a difference a crappy opponent makes. After a ten-game winning streak against the dregs of baseball that brought the Rangers to respectability, Texas had fourteen games against good teams that returned them back to irrelevance. They went 3-11 in those fourteen games. And promptly fall off the side […]

At least we’re not the Mets. 279 comments

  As bad as the Rangers season is going, and it’s not going well, it’s worth noting that there are nine teams with worse records. Nearly one third of baseball is actually worse than Texas Rangers. That’s a lot of bad baseball. Look in the NL East. Texas, with its unimpressive […]

It’s been a good run. 87 comments

  While everyone associated with the Rangers is preaching patience, that it’s just a matter of time for this team to gel, and as they drop further and further off the map and out of contention, it’s easy for fans to be disappointed and even disgusted by this team. What […]