Top Ten Moment #8, part 2. 18 comments

A SPECIAL NIGHT OF BASEBALL. Yesterday, I recounted Top Ten Moment # 8 of the Rangers 2017 season. Here is what I wrote about it at the time. Reposted from April 30, 2017. Rangers fans saw a lot of unique things last night. Angels second baseman Danny Espinosa taking a […]

Top Ten Rangers moments of 2017: No. 8. 17 comments

Top Ten Moment #8: Carlos Gomez hits for the cycle.   April 29. It was early in the season, and the Rangers were still trying to get a feel for what they were going to be. After an opening series sweep at the hand of the Cleveland Indians, it was […]

Waiting game. 18 comments

It’s December 3 and the hot stove league has been anything but hot. The Angels retained Justin Upton and the Rangers signed Doug Fister. Other than that, there has been very little to talk about. And even those two transactions are fairly non-significant. It seems GMs are waiting for some […]

Non-tenders. 10 comments

According to reports, the Rangers did not tender offers to pitchers A. J. Griffin, Nick Martinez, and Chi Chi Gonzalez. They are now free agents. The thin pitching ranks have gotten thinner. While these were pitchers the Rangers were never going to count on anyway for much, Griffin and Martinez […]

The Moreland market. 35 comments

Anyone remember Mitch Moreland? It seems like front offices don’t. Or, at least, I haven’t heard his name mentioned once so far this offseason. In fact, yesterday on MLB Network Radio they had an in-depth discussion on free agent first basemen and where they might end up. Moreland’s name was […]

Probable rotation candidates. 15 comments

All the talk for the next three weeks will center on Ohtani. Teams can submit offers starting Friday, and then they have three weeks to negotiate. And then that story will be settled and over and it’s time to move on. Ohtani is the pipe dream for now. The reality […]

Top Ten Moment #9, part 2. 26 comments

JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. Yesterday, I recounted Top Ten Moment #9 of the Rangers 2017 season. I thought it would be fun to go back and read what I posted about it at the time. Here is a repost from May 10, 2017. The only way to keep the […]

Top ten Rangers moments of 2017: No. 9. 37 comments

Top Ten Moment #9: A. J. Griffin throws a complete game shutout.   By Tuesday, May 9, the Rangers had been left for dead. They were suffering their second horrible start in the three-year Jeff Banister era. They lost the first of a two-game series in San Diego against the […]

Fister. 40 comments

  In processed animal foods, a filler is an ingredient added to provide dietary fiber, bulk or some other non-nutritive purpose. It is merely a cost-saving method to provide bulk but not sustenance. Doug Fister made fifteen starts for the Boston Red Sox in 2017. He was able to make […]

The Japanese Babe Ruth. 15 comments

  All sides have reached an agreement. Shohei Ohtani is cleared to come to the U.S. to play major league baseball. He is being billed as the next Babe Ruth. That once in a century two-way player who can pitch, who can hit, who can do it all. The legend […]