We moved to Dallas in 1994. That coincided with the year the Rangers grew up. When they went from being a placeholder in the American League to a franchise that was actually trying to take itself seriously. It was the first time in my life I lived in a town […]

The day I discovered a new color.

The first time I went to a major league baseball game was in the early 70s. I was twelve or thirteen or fourteen years old. I grew up in Indianapolis. We had a minor league team. The Indianapolis Indians. They were the Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, my favorite […]


No baseball, no basketball, no hockey, no soccer. No concerts, no church services, no air travel. No bottled water. No toilet paper. No paper towels. It’s as if people are preparing for the end of the world. And it’s not. It’s just the pause button. Like a break in the […]

Once again.

Maybe there is a dark rain cloud hanging over this franchise.   The Washington Senators moved to Texas in 1972. That season was delayed by around ten days by a players’ strike, the work stoppage in baseball history. Some teams lost as many as nine games, some as few as six. But none […]

Baseball has gone dark.

And now we wait. That’s all we can do. Try to contain this thing. Try to keep it in check so hospitals and health care workers aren’t pushed beyond their limits. Just wait it out. Like a rain delay. A really really long rain delay. There will be baseball again.

The new reality.

We are entering unchartered territory. Will there be baseball in two weeks? What will it look like? Will teams be playing to empty ballparks? Will teams find a neutral field? Or will the season just be delayed? The NBA suspended its season because one of its players got it. The […]

21 out of 30.

Baseball America released its ranking of all 30 farm systems. Once again, the Rangers’ was among the bottom.  Texas is ranked 21 out of 30. Granted, that’s up from 27 last August. But the people who do this for a living have a vastly different opinion of the Rangers system […]

Willie gets good news.

Good news on Willie Calhoun. According to T.R. Sullivan, Calhoun underwent jaw surgery yesterday for a non-displaced fracture and “club officials are expressing hope” the injury is not as serious as initially feared. These are the same club officials who expressed hope the Rangers could contend the last few years […]

Hard to watch.

Some images are hard to watch. Seeing Willie Calhoun lying on the ground for nearly ten minutes after a 95-mile-per-hour fastball broke his jaw was gut wrenching. The game meant nothing. The Rangers won the game. They lost something far more important. Texas probably lost its left fielder for the […]

Gibson did what Gibson does.

Yesterday in the third inning of his start against the Brewers, Kyle Gibson did what he does so often. Gets himself into trouble and counts on the double play ball to get him out. As T.R. Sullivan pointed out on mlb.com, over the past six years, no pitcher has thrown […]