Rumors. 8 comments has a couple Rangers notes.

It’s a possible third baseman, one not on the list of free-agent third basemen because he has primarily played second the last three seasons, although he has played a decent amount at third.

That would be Josh Harrison, formerly of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Harrison is decent but not overwhelming at the plate. His lifetime numbers are .277/.317/.725. Nothing to clamor. Unless you currently don’t have a player to stand at third wearing a glove. Which, it appears, would describe the Texas Rangers. He is certainly not as valuable offensively as a Mike Moustakas.

He’s also not that cheap.  Last season he made $10.25 million. For that the Pirates got eight home runs and thirty-seven RBIs in 374 plate appearances. He did miss thirty games in the beginning of the year due to injury. Harrison is a two-time All-Star, in 2014 and 2017.  2014 was by far his best year.

The website also attached the Rangers to interest in Dallas Keuchel. Who knows how accurate that is or how much real interest (meaning dollars) the Rangers have. Keuchel’s agent is Scott Boras, so he is seeking an unreasonably out-of-line contract.

Of course, the Rangers are also pursuing Japanese free agent Yusei Kikuchi. He was posted on December 3 and has thirty days to reach an agreement with a team. It’s all been pretty under the radar. The Rangers have as good a chance as any team.

At this time of the off-season, it’s pretty much all rumors. And rumors are about as reliable as a brother-in-law on moving day.


  • GoRangers23

    They said on Hot Stove this morning that Dallas Keuchel is looking for a five year contract that should be around 20 mil.

    • dearmidol

      So am I, Go. So am I.

      • grumpyderfsmagic8ball

        Good luck !!!

      • JacobMcCandles

        Will not argue whether amount is right or not, Never liked those size contracts but 20 million vs 25 million for Darvish:
        DK a Cy Young winner
        Post season success
        3 time gold glove winner
        20 game winner

        Darvish did none of that. DK is better than Arrieta and he got around 20 mill…… the contract is prob under what is being paid today. I have a feeling he will eventually go to 4 and teams will be crawling over each other. Still no for me and heck no for the Rangers

        • Rowdy Yates

          ….. but, but Darvish was great in the Japanese League. MLBs perennial AAAA league over in Asia.

          • JacobMcCandles

            Would love it if Reds bagged him

  • JacobMcCandles

    Shamalayan has a new flick coming out with Jackson,Willis,dude from Split in January

  • possumrld

    :And rumors are about as reliable as a brother-in-law on moving day.
    Lol, Kev! Great stuff, my friend!