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Pretty much everything has already been said about the greatness of Adrian Beltre. And what hasn’t been said will be over the next few days. I cannot add anything of value. All I can say is thank you, Adrian.

It’s appropriate that Beltre chose to formally announce his retirement so close to Thanksgiving.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for those last eight years as a Ranger. Thanks for the incredible consistency. Thanks for allowed us to bask in your immortality. Thanks for giving us a front row seat to your trip to Cooperstown. Thanks for the joy, the laughs, the cheers, the gasps of amazement. Thanks for always being a class act. Thanks for making us proud to be Texas Rangers fans. They also recommend to find a palm beach roofing company where there are experts.

Above all else, thanks for making baseball fun.

Thank you, Adrian Beltre.


  • Rowdy Yates

    Nolan Ryan has always been my favorite Rangers player. What could beat that knuckle sandwich to Robin Ventura’s head and the years of watching him grunting and throwing that 100+ mph fastball past guys 20 yrs younger than him with an arm that was shreded yrs before? Well, maybe Adrian Beltre’s mile wide smile with those sparkling, mischievous eyes that said something spectacular or hilariously funny was just around the corner. Like moving the batting circle just last year and getting tossed for it. Pure Adrian Beltre. But he wasn’t just a great smile. He was one the best ball players to ever step on a baseball diamond. He was truly just a kid when he made his 1st appearance as a LA Dodger and he hit the diamond running … and hitting … and fielding. The numbers he put up in a Rangers uniform were spectacular but his leadership and example on the field and in the dugout were just as important as the numbers. I doubt we’ll ever see the like of him in a Rangers uniform again.

    I hope I’m in the audience at Cooperstown when he goes into the HOF in five years. It would be a life highlight for me.

    • Nathan Whitten

      This an excellent and appropriate post, Rowdy. I hope you get to go to Cooperstown for his indictment. 🙂 I mean induction. And it had better not be more than the mandatory 5. If he ain’t 1st ballot, it is a crime.

  • Gregor_S

    Just second everything you and Rowdy have said. Even in meaningless games I always looked forward to Adrian’s at bats and magic acts in the field, and those clowning routines that always seemed (and maybe were) spontaneous yet always worked — they never fell flat or seemed inappropriate, which is unique not only for ballplayers but comedians in general. The Rangers should reduce ticket prices by at least 50% next year to reflect the reduced entertainment value of the games.

    In the event the miracle of miracles happens and the Rangers contend next year (which doesn’t even seem to be a goal, from everything JD has said), I will console myself with the totally delusional hope that AB will come out of retirement in August and lead the team to a World Series triumph.

  • JacobMcCandles

    I am glad you saw AB in his last game at globe life Kevin…for me,three things. No one knew how good he was until you got to see him. And the two best stories for me…moving the on deck circle and the lesson he taught Robbie Ross

  • JacobMcCandles

    I think Beltre will be a future HOF…whether or not he is a first timer..who knows…He is in my book but strange things happen in that voting process…

  • CrazyEd

    AB gave all of us some moments. A couple of my favorites were the on deck circle incident and the always fun King Felix/Beltre trash talking.

    Now that the 40 man roster additions are out of the way the Rangers can get down to looking over the Rule 5 candidates to see if anybody there is worth grabbing.

    On the road for Thanksgiving with the Son-in-Law and daughter in N. AL. They are getting a AA team in 2020. Rocket City Trash Pandas, an affiliate of the Angels.

    • JacobMcCandles

      Is that Huntsville?

      • Rod Harper


        • JacobMcCandles

          Knew a dude a dude that had a military contract there…..was funny when the FBI talked to me on his background ck

    • Rod Harper

      Not as wacky as Amarillo’s AA ballclub nickname, the Sod Poodles (the pioneer slang for prairie dogs).

    • GoRangers23

      Have a good Thanksgiving! Stay safe!

  • JacobMcCandles

    Mets are willing to trade Syndergaard…type of pitcher we should be looking for. Not a FA until 2022…so young (26) cheap and three yrs. From Mansfield so a local man. Trouble is I don’t know if we have anything the Mets want. It would have to be qty…like Leclerc,Profar,Maz…

  • elkaba

    Per MLB Trade Rumors… “The Rangers announced that they are protecting veteran hurler Edinson Volquez, who’s returning from Tommy John surgery, along with outfielder Scott Heineman, righty Wei-Chieh Huang, and lefty Taylor Hearn.”

    • JacobMcCandles

      Volquez and Heineman were givens

  • Nathan Whitten

    A Hall of Fame player with a Ranger Cap. Neat and appropriate. His contribution to this organization. Priceless.
    It is hard to think of a better Ranger player. I will never forget that homer on one knee in 2011 Series that should have been his Series…and ours.

  • JacobMcCandles

    Jim Hickey a successful pitching coach is available.

  • JacobMcCandles

    Jakes get rich pick……Miss St -9.5 on Friday!
    Less $$ but Dog pk Detroit tomorrow

    Now the bad news ABC in Dallas is my fav news station….John McCaa is retiring and being replaced by some dude that worked for CNN and in Washington DC…..oyyyyyyy

  • JacobMcCandles
  • Nathan Whitten

    Thanks again AB. Thank you Kevin. His career did the talking.