The national crisis. 12 comments


Light a candle, everyone. Call your congressman.

While 800,000 federal workers are not being paid during the shutdown, the true national tragedy is being swept under the rug.

For the first time since 2010, MLB payroll dropped in 2018. It fell $18 million.

Only $4.23 billion went to players in 2018, a decrease of roughly $1,400 per player. The Players Association is so concerned about this it is considering filing a grievance.

In the meantime, the union is scrambling to figure out ways for its members to deal with this devastation. Many players have been advised to purchase the BMW 5-Series instead of the 7-Series. Some players have talked of putting off updates to their second beach houses. One player has admitted to being forced to fly commercial instead of private.

Oh the humanity!

Players are going to have to somehow make do with an average salary of just $4.52 million.

It’s an issue Congress and the White House have totally ignored. A national emergency must be declared. The 2019 season is in jeopardy of being played by under-compensated athletes.

What a tragedy!

  • elkaba

    Thanks, Kevin. I needed that. 🙂
    And to add fan insult to this burgeoning national tragedy, ticket prices to watch our newly deprived athletes underperform are undoubtedly going up again and soon.

  • Rowdy Yates

    Great blog today Kevin. But I do have a bone to pick with you. As I’ve said numerous times here … “WE’RE PAYING YOU TOO DAMN MUCH!” And the proof positive is in today’s blog. Most of us here didn’t even know BMW has such a thing as a “5-Series” let alone a “7-Series”. Only a fat cat oligarch would be privy to this kind of information. Me, I drive a 12 yr old Hyudai Sante Fe and DW drives a 10 yr old Hyundai Sonata. Once in awhile I pull the tarp off the 1984 Pininfarina/Fiat S2000 2 seater roadster bought brand new for a lowly $14k in 1983 and take it out for a spin when it’s actually in ‘running’ condition. But insider knowledge about la la stuff like “BMW 5 and 7 Series”??? No sir! Obviously you’re runnin’ with a very upscale crowd and gettin’ a little too big for your britches pal. I say it’s time we cut your salary. Maybe by half!

    • dearmidol

      Whoa, there, Mr Fancy Pants I Have A Tarp For My Car.

      • Rowdy Yates

        I rest my case … pigeons roost in mine!

      • Rowdy Yates

        I rest my case …. but pigeons roost in my car!

        • JacobMcCandles

          Reenactment of Hitchcock?

  • calntom

    The slump in baseball salaries is quite the national tradegy, I must admit…
    Hanzer Alberto was let go by the Yanks. The Rangers will sign a player to play 3B that is a “has been”, a “might be” or a “never was”. Perhaps they already have him in Wisdom?

    • WhoKnowscs

      Yankees signed LeMahieu, formally of the Rockies. That is probably them signing out of the Muchado Sweepstakes.

      • calntom

        Hanser did not last long on the waiver. Orioles picked him up.

  • azrangerfan

    And the best thing that could happen would be if the big 2 don’t get anywhere near $30 mill per year or anywhere close to ten years. That would make a statement.

  • JacobMcCandles

    Kevin…Best one written in quite awhile…I must get the Thursten Howell award. I pay storage for my Caddy El Dorado!!

  • GoRangers23