Turn Back The Clock year. 10 comments

With the news that the Texas Rangers have signed Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal, it looks like this is the year the Rangers will have a Turn Back The Clock night every night.

Turn it back to 2005 when Bartolo Colon was 21-8 and won the Cy Young Award for the Los Angeles Angels and not the old broken-down pitcher he is now when he went 7-14 with two teams in 2017, his age 44 season, with a 6.48 ERA.

Turn it back to 2013 when Matt Moore was a good pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays and not the horrible pitcher he is now, when in 2017 he led the National League in losses and earned runs given up.

Turn it back to 2014 when Doug Fister went 16-6 with a 2.41 ERA for the Washington Nationals, finishing eighth in the Cy Young voting, and not the Doug Fister he is now.

Jon Daniels has decided that since he cannot draft and develop pitching, and since will not spend the money to acquire pitching, he will go to the Way Back Machine and sign pitchers that haven’t been good for a long long time.

He’s looking for lightning in a bottle. Of Geritol.

  • elkaba


    • JacobMcCandles

      Spock I presume.

      • elkaba


  • FlappingGums

    Good article, Midol.

  • GoRangers23

    It’s kind of hard to stay positive, but I will definitely still be here, regardless. You just never know what might happen. Hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised. I’m sure that all of Rangers Nation have our collective fingers crossed.

  • WhoKnowscs

    Colon can be our new closer and save 33 of 37.

  • JacobMcCandles

    I think every pitcher we signed will show a couple of games where everyone will say “Could be” but then most of the other games will be a reality opener. Astros did get about a half of a good year out of Fister two years back….but he ran out of gas. Moore had a decent tr in 2016 and was pitching for SF last yr…he could push double digit wins….but when you start to add them all up…looks very much like a Ranger team that wins 70-74

    • von_todwin

      I wouldn’t be surprised if someone between Fister/Moore/Minor/Colon has a decent, even good, year as a starter. It’s just that it won’t even matter until it’s like three of them doing it.

      • dearmidol

        Seems like a lot of luck has to happen.

  • possumrld

    “Lightning in a bottle. Of Geritol”! Too funny, Kev! But by reading one of the recent articles by our good buddy T.J. Sullivan, I got the distinctive impression that the Rangers are trying to “sell” us on pitchers that were once aces, but have had miserable seasons the past couple of years. By reading Sullivan article, had I not known better, I would have thought those guys were all coming into camp this seaosn as the great pitchers they were 2 or 3 years ago, and not the struggling ones they have been the past couple of seasons.
    I suppose this gives us a new meaning for “fantasy baseball”.