What’s Rendon is done.

The Rangers weren’t willing to go to seven years. The Angels were. And, in the end, the Angels land prized free-agent third baseman Anthony Rendon, and the Rangers are left to explore Plan B. Or C. Or D.

The good news is, almost anyone the Rangers add at almost any position will make the team better.

Even Plan F, whoever that might be, would be an improvement in the Rangers lineup.

Now it’s a matter of Josh Donaldson, Travis Shaw (who seems most likely given his under-the-radar status and the fact he bats left), or a trade.

It’s disappointing. Visions of another Adrian Beltre danced in one’s head. But, it wasn’t meant to be.

Spring training doesn’t start for another 62 days or so. The Rangers have plenty of time to improve before then.

Luckily, improving is the easy part.