Monthly Archives: June 2024

It’s always bleakest before it gets bleak.

Overlooked in the struggles of Adolis Garcia, and Nathanial Lowe, and Jonah Heim, and Leody Taveras, and Travis Jankowski, and Robbie Grossman, and Wyatt Langford is the fact that Marcus Semien is having a rough go of it. His batting average and on-base percentage are near career lows at .241/.303. […]

Thanks anyway, Baltimore.

The Orioles tried. Give them credit for that, and a mountain of gratitude. They tried to help the Rangers score more than their customary one run. They tried to help them out of their season-long offensive slump. They tried to let the Rangers mount a rare comeback when trailing after […]

Swept away.

This is what a bad team does. It goes all year getting stellar starting pitching but cannot score enough runs to save its life. But then they finally get the offense they have been lacking all season. Oh, but sorry, their ace has his worst start of the season in […]

29th out of 30.

There are thirty teams in major league baseball. The Rangers outfield rakes twenty-ninth in offense. That should come as no surprise. Wyatt Langford and Evan Carter have pretty much occupied left field this year. Both are what could be considered rookie busts. Taveras has pretty much occupied center. He is […]

Winning streak ends in grand fashion.

And just like that, the four-game winning streak comes to an end. The Rangers anemic offense showed up again alnng with the Rangers philanthropic bullpen. Like two irresponsible drunks out on a bender, they are dangerous together. Jacob Latz put the Rangers in a deep hole by coming in “relief” […]

He’s back.

Max Scherzer’s first start of the season couldn’t have gone any better. Five innings. No runs. One hit. No walks. Four strikeouts. He got a W in his first start, the Rangers won 4-0, and they’ve now won four games in a row, tying their longest winning streak of the […]

A welcome trend.

Friday night, in the fifth inning, the Rangers had bases loaded. That in itself wasn’t unusual. Marcus Semien, though, did something that was highly unusual. He doubled. And for only the second time—the second time—in 2024, the Texas Rangers got an extra-base hit with the bases loaded. That’s seventy-five games […]


Remember when the All-Star game used to be a game? When many of the starters played all nine innings? Because they wanted to win? Because they had pride? Then they made it into an event. A TV show. Network programming. Players used to wear their team uniforms, and it was […]

Big difference.

What a difference a year makes. Last season at this time, the Rangers were on the verge of sending six players to the All-Star Game. Five of them were named to start the game—Semien, Seager, Jung, Garcia, and Heim—along with Eovaldi. This season? Well, there certainly won’t be a Ranger […]