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It’s do or die time.

Are they buyers or sellers? That’s what seems to be on the minds of Rangers media and fans. Is this team for real or for sale? As the trade deadline nears, which is eighteen days away on July 30, it’s hard to tell if this team is in it or […]

The Rookie.   Recently updated !

Daniel Robert had waited a long time for this moment. He’s twenty-nine. Two years ago, he was still toiling away in High-A, surrounded by teenagers and guys in their early twenties, chasing their dreams.  A twenty-seven-year-old in High-A is usually chasing delusions. Or he’s the hotdog guy. But Robert never […]


Five in a row. The Rangers have just authored their longest winning streak of the season. Is it enough? Well, certainly it’s better than losing.  When the Rangers last lost, on July 4, they were 39-48, the Astros were 45-42, and the Mariners were 48-41. Texas was 8.0 games behind […]

Four in a row.

For the fourth time this season, the Rangers have a four-game winning streak. They’ve never gotten over that hump to push it to five. But today might be different. One, they have Max Scherzer on the mound. Two, they are facing the Angels, a miserable franchise currently mired in miserableness. […]


Ninety games into the season, the Rangers decide to show up.  They scored a run in the first. Usually, that’s their run for the game, and they take eight innings off for self-evaluation. When Nathan Eovaldi gave up a two-run homer in the third, the game was falling into a […]

Semien wakes up.

Marcus Semien’s last home run was June 9. His last multi-hit game was June 15. Before that it was June 3. His last multi-RBI game was June 21. To say Semien was in a slump is putting it mildly. He was in an offensive freefall, hitting .239 in May, .202 […]

Lorenzen ups his trade value.

Chris Young signed Michael Lorenzen on the last day of spring training. That the thirty-two-year-old righthander was unsigned at that late is a shock. Yeah, he had a few really bad late-season starts with the Phillies, but Lorenzen was an All-Star in 2023. He was traded to Philadelphia at the […]

Rangers declare independence from offense.

Remember the old saying from the 1948 season? Well, I doubt anyone here was actually there. But most baseball fans have heard the saying, “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain.” The old Boston Braves had two of the most dominating starting pitchers in the National League. Their other two […]

The bullpen again.

This is how a bad team works. One game it’s the offense that lets them down (in this case, many games). When the offense works, it’s the rotation.  When the offense and the rotation work, it’s the defense. Or the bullpen.  Last night, it was the bullpen. And, to some […]

A hit for Semien.

That’s two games in a row where the offense has shown up. Even Marcus Semien got a hit. And that is rare, indeed, lately. He was 5-for-51 coming into the game. Semien not only got a hit, but he drove in a run.  It was such a rare occurrence, in […]