A public service to Bruce Bochy.

Bruce Bochy makes a call to the bullpen.


Dumpster fires can and do happen. They can be deadly and usually result in substantial  property damage multiple ran consecutive losses.

Here are tips to reducing dumpster fire hazard risks:

Never dispose of flammable or hazardous materials in a dumpster. This items include: Sborz, Stratton, Smith, Burke, Anderson, Leclerc, Perez.

Keep the area around a dumpster clear. If a fire starts outside the dumpster, you don’t want nearby materials spreading into the dumpster. See above.

If the lid is already closed, but you know a fire is burning inside, do not open the lid pick up the bullpen phone, please dear God, under any circumstances, do not pick up the bullpen phone and call them. That will create a backdraft, which could be even more dangerous. Have the phone disconnected and if they happen to call you on your cell phone, make that noise like you are going under a tunnel and you are about to get disconnected them immediately hang up.

Dumpster fires almost always destroy the dumpster team’s morale, won-lost record, chances for the playoffs, will to live

The best advice is to avoid dumpster fires in to begin with. 


I came across this gem yesterday. Now I have something new to wear the the next Rangers game.