A September to forget.

Back to the past: The 1972 Texas Rangers.

All season long the Rangers celebrated their fiftieth season in Arlington. They talked about tradition. They talked about great players from the past. But mostly they tried to connect the present to the past. 

They succeeded with that. But in a way they probably never wanted to. 

The Rangers just completed their September 8-19. In the club’s fifty years here in north Texas, it was the second-worst September in history. Their worst? Their very first September in 1972. That year they went 3-23, for a pitiful .115 winning percentage. This year, their September winning percentage was .296.

Can there be a more appropriate way to commemorate fifty mostly forgettable seasons than bookending them with the two worst Septembers this team has ever had?

The answer is no. It’s the best way to end fifty years of futility.

Like a dog that won’t stop peeing on the carpet, owners have to have their noses rubbed in it. Bad owners. Bad bad owners.