A thriller nonetheless. 142 comments

Last night in the bottom of the ninth inning, with the Rangers trailing 11-9, Ronald Guzman came up to bat with a .526 average, facing Brandon Morrow, the Padres pitcher, who had a 13.50 ERA.

This only happens two places. On Playstation. And in Arizona.

Guzman, as baseball goes, got out.

The next three batter didn’t.

And the Rangers pulled out an incredibly thrilling, incredibly unimportant win 12-11.

Another thing you see only in Arizona: The Rangers sent eight pitchers to the mound. Six of them who are only going to spend time in Arlington if they stop for gas on their way to Frisco.

But a win is a win. Even when you don’t really win anything from it.


Here is an interesting article from the Barry Horn in The Dallas Morning News today about the Rangers being featured on Sirius/XM starting Monday.