All quiet in Rangers world. 24 comments

The Rangers off-season thus far has been active, not spectacular. No splashes. No ripples. Just a few pebbles dropped in the ocean.

The rotation as it stands now is not spectacular. Last year’s Darvish, Hamels, Perez, Cashner, and Griffin was better than this year’s Hamels, Perez, Fister, Minor, Moore.

The bullpen is what bullpens always are: a crapshoot. It hasn’t improved significantly. But there are a lot more options. That’s good. You never know from year to year who you can count on. Might as well go with depth so you have a better chance to win the war of attrition.

The lineup has improved slightly. And that’s because any lineup that doesn’t have the 2017 version of Mike Napoli in it is better. But the lineup was unimpressive last year. Nothing’s changed.

The defense is as leaky as ever.

And the front office’s confidence is as high as ever.

All normal in Rangers world.