An RR3 Christmas.

Rangers fans have had it rough the past six years. Longer if you consider this team has not advanced in a playoff series since 2011.

But the franchise started giving its fans gifts before Christmas. First, they got rid of their manager. Chris Woodward was a nice guy who was put into a position he was totally unprepared for. Then they got rid of their general manager. Jon Daniels had lost the magic that made him a boy genius a dozen years ago, then became the architect of the least successful period in Texas Rangers history.

Since then, the Rangers replaced Daniels with Chris Young. They replace Woodward with the legendary Bruce Bochy. They replaced the duct tape and paper clip and rubber band rotation with a rotation anchored by the best starting pitcher in baseball.

They still have gifts to give their fans. They still need a left fielder and a designated hitter and a closer and some bullpen help and maybe one more starter. But, the Rangers are finally, after so long of drifting aimlessly, finally headed in the right direction.

It’s great when your team decides they are tired of sucking and it’s time to win. The Rangers probably aren’t ready to knock off the Astros or Mariners yet. But they are, at least, putting a team on the field that is major league caliber.

So, here’s a Christmas wish from RR3. Here’s wishing the Rangers don’t stop here. Here’s wishing they keep going. Keep improving. Keep trying to make the playoffs this year rather than 2024 or 2025.

So, Merry Christmas to all Rangers fans. From Rangers Rounding 3rd.