Richard Justice had another question and answer column on


Q: Is Arenado a viable option and is he worth it?

Justice: Blah blah blah. Risk Hem and haw. Maybe. Yack, yack. Expensive. Whatever.

Reality: Yes. Why would any team not want the best player at his position. The Rangers had that with Beltre. If Arenado is, indeed, being traded, the Rangers should throw everything they have to get him. They were going to spend it on Rendon. Arenado is better than Rendon.

Q: Why not move Joey Gallo to third.

Justice: He’s been moved all over. Time for a permanent address.

Reality: Third base is hard. Gallo doesn’t want to be pushed.

Q: What about moving Odor to third.

Justice: A position switch at this point could hurt his offense.

Reality: What offense?

Q: What about acquiring Kris Bryant?

Justice: Bryant could be a free agent after 2020 if he wins his grievance.

Reality: One year of Kris Bryant is better than a lifetime of Asdrubal Cabreras and Isaah Kiner-Falefas and Logan Forsythes.

Q: What about Blake Swihart at catcher.

Justice: The Rangers have always coveted him.

Reality: Everyone reading this had an OPS only 433 points lower than Jeff Mathis.