Attending a Rangers game.

Rangers fans know all too well the emotional cost of being Rangers fans.

But The, an on-line newsletter that covers a wide variety of topics, put out its annual list of the most expensive teams to take a family of four to see in person.

This is based on taking the average of the lowest-priced tickets, times four; four hot dogs; two beers (one for mom, one for dad, none for the kiddos); two sodas (one for each kid); plus the cost of the lowest-priced parking spot.

The Rangers came in eighth highest. It costs a family of four $228.31 to attend a Texas Rangers game. That’s compared to Boston, the most expensive, at $324.37. Arizona is the cheapest, at $102.34.

Here is the complete list.

Of course, this depends on a lot of factors. (I, for instance, have never been to a Rangers game and had just one beer.) But, they used the same criteria for all teams to get a relative comparison.

One of the benefits of the new ballpark the team touts is the number of affordable seats they have, as low as $9. The Rangers, with The Shed, set out to create two entertainment viewing experiences. The lower tier is for the wealthy, with seats going for as much as $450 each. The upper three tiers are for the rest of us. 

Of course, you can always stay home and watch them on TV. For that, you have to pay the price of listening to Dave Raymond. In the end, $450 might not seem too much to pay after all.