Boys of Summer.

Ranger rounding third: Adolis Garcia hits the first of two home runs to lead the Rangers to a 5-3 W over Oakland.

Back in 1972, Roger Kahn wrote a famous book called “The Boys of Summer” about the old Brooklyn Dodgers.

Twelve years later, Don Henley released a top-ten song also called “The Boys of Summer.” 

One day they will be writing books and singing songs of praise about the 2021 Texas Rangers as the official the Boys of Summer.

Since the first day of summer, 2021, the Rangers have the second-best record in the American League West, at 2-1.

If you just take away spring, the Rangers are a playoff contender. If you ignore March, April, May, and the first three weeks of June, the Rangers are in the thick of the race.

Last night’s game was reminiscent of the Rangers that sniffed .500 earlier this season, before everything went bad. Late-inning comebacks, an offense that refused to quit, Adolis Garcia bombs, strong starting pitching, shut down closer.

To take two out of three, so far, from Oakland is pretty special. It goes in the way too little way too late column, but it’s nice to Garcia seems to be making the adjustments needed, and nice to see Eli White continue his big week, and nice to see Mike Foltynewicz earn some small measure of success on his way to losing his rotation spot. 

It’s a new season. The new Boys of Summer are here. Look out, baseball, the Texas Rangers are back. Just twenty games under .500 and rolling.