Brilliant recovery.

Max Scherzer overcomes a sluggish start to nail down his first Rangers victory.

As that first inning unfolded, and Max Scherzer delivered another one of his thirty-seven pitches, most of which were way out of the strike zone, and he walked off the mound having given up three runs, it was natural to evoke all those feeling of the Rangers being the most snake bitten of franchises.

They finally got a true ace in Jacob deGrom. He lasted thirty innings. Now, they went out and got a second legend in Max Scherzer and he was doing his best Martin Perez imitation.

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Why do the baseball gods hate us so much?

Then, Max Scherzer did what you’d expect of a three-time Cy Young winner and certain future Hall of Famer.

He locked in. He dominated the White Sox for the next five innings. He ended up striking out nine. He didn’t allow another run, or walk, which usually leads to runs. And he earned his first W, in his first start for the Rangers.

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That’s what an ace does. 

And the Rangers offense did what it needed to do. It chipped away with a run here, another run there, a couple more. Suddenly, they took a 5-3 lead, and the Rangers bullpen held it.

With the win and the three-game sweep of Chicago, Texas went to 10-2 at home after the break, picking up a game on the Astros, who later lost to the Yankees.

Yes, it’s easy to say, it was only the White Sox. But as Scherzer said after the game, commenting on his wobbly start, “These are Major League hitters. They drive nice cars too.”

It took Scherzer fifty-nine pitches to labor through the first two innings. It took him forty-nine to mow down the White Sox the next four.

That’s what Max Scherzer does.

Let’s hope he does it often in a Rangers uniform.