Clash of the titans.

Bruce Bochy’s squad has its toughest test of the season with three games in Tampa Bay.

Here it is. The long-awaited clash of the titans. The two best teams in baseball going head-to-head in a three-game series.

Tampa Bay won thirteen games in a row to start the 2023 season. They have never been out of first and have mostly enjoyed a commanding lead in the American League East. 

Texas is right there with them, having been in first place every day this year except one.

The Rays have the best record in baseball. The Rangers, the second best. They are at the top of the American League in most of the offense team stats. 

Texas first in runs scored, Tampa Bay second. Texas first in hits, Tampa Bay third. Texas second in doubles, Tampa Bay third. Texas first in home runs, Tampa Bay second. Texas first in team batting average, Tampa Bay third. Tampa Bay first in team OPS, Texas second.

They are third and fourth in team ERA, too. Tampa Bay just a tick ahead at 3.53 to 3.58. And that’s including the Rangers bullpen. Tampa Bay’s starters are the best in baseball with a team ERA of 2.94. Texas is second at 3.13.

Two teams. Three games. Somebody has to win this series and somebody has to lose.

It’s like the playoffs in early June. Get ready fro the best three-game series in baseball this year.