Duran again.

Rangers rookie star Ezequiel Duran on third after his game-winning triple.

Texas spent half-a-billion-dollars on their Infield of the Future. You see it on display every day in the middle of the Rangers infield.

Move your head slightly to the left and you might just see the real future of the Rangers infield. 

Ezequiel Duran.

Duran—not Corey Seager or Marcus Semien—has turned himself into the engine of the offense. Duran—not Seager or Semien—is the catalyst for so many Rangers victories. Duran—not Seager or Semien—makes the highlight reel seemingly on a nightly basis.

Last night, Duran was the hero again in the Rangers fifteenth come-from-behind victory of 2022 with a dramatic, Tiger-crushing, ninth-inning, two-out, bases-loaded triple. 

Suddenly, an offense that had been totally shut down and shutout for eight innings came alive. The Rangers stunned the Tigers in Detroit with a last second buzzer beater.

In twelve games since being called up, Duran is 15-for-47, good for a .319 average, but with an OPS of .887. The only Ranger with a higher OPS? Josh Smith, the guy Duran replaced.

Seager’s is a miniscule .704, even with all those home runs. Semien’s is .628.

The future of the Rangers infield is here alright. Just not the two players the Rangers thought they would be.