Episode 1 was a thriller.

Josh Jung is greeted by his teammates in the dugout after his first major league home run.

Well, that didn’t take long. One at-bat. 

Josh Jung was barely acclimated to a major league batter’s box when he abruptly left it. He saw a major league pitch he could hit, swung at it, and took off running toward a major league career that’s filled with hope and anticipation.

Three-hundred eighty-eight feet later, the pitch he swung at landed over the left-center-field wall. Note to scouts: Jung can hit a changeup down the middle.

He blooped a single in the seventh inning and stole second to cap off his first major league game.

Josh Jung is only the second Ranger ever to homer in his first at-bat. The other being Jurickson Profar. It was quite an impressive debut for the twenty-four-year-old third baseman. He admitted his heart was pounding out of his chest and he had to control his breathing.

Chances are, Jung won’t continue to bat .500 over the course of his major league career. But what a first game.

The hope of the franchise circled the bases with him on that home run. So many highly touted prospects have come up through the organization and have gone nowhere. But this kid seems different. This kid seems for real. This kid might be the one success story that had eluded Jon Daniels for sixteen years. 

Josh Jung give Rangers fans reason to watch the rest of the season. 

We are watching the beginning of something special. Like that first episode of a show you instantly fall in love with and cannot wait for next week’s episode to see where the show goes and how the characters develop.

Episode 1 of Josh Jung rated five stars.