First looks.

No, it wasn’t an exhibition game. It was something even less meaningful. An inter-squad scrimmage. Really, not even that. It was glorified batting practice. 

Major league pitchers throwing to major league hitters but with coaches in the outfield and Joey Gallo batting every inning.

All they needed was ghost runners to make it officially meaningless.

But last night was the closest thing to actual baseball Rangers fans have seen in a long time. And, it was live-streamed on, as will tonight’s inter-squad game.

More than a game, though, Rangers fans got to get a first look at the inside of the Ballpark. 

After watching the first pitch, I honestly thought to myself, “Where are the Rangers playing?” Then, “Oh, yeah.”

Stupidity aside, it will take time getting used to it. 

But here are scenes from yesterday’s game, showing off different parts of the field, as well as a concourse.

The best thing about the view from inside is that you can’t see what it looks like outside.


6:00 p.m., live-streamed on