Folty start wasted.

Mike Foltynewisz walks off the field with one of his best efforts of the year in a 3-1 loss to the Mariners.

Wasting a great start by Mike Foltynewicz is like not hearing a compliment from your spouse.

It’s rare and it may never happen again.

You can’t expect a better loss out of Mike Folynewicz than his seven-inning, three-earned-run, six-strikeout loss to the Mariners. Unfortunately for Foltynewicz and the vastly shrinking and uninterested Rangers fanbase, the Rangers offense could muster just one run.

Their road record falls to 14-45, on pace for one of the worst all-time road records since baseball went to the 162-game season.

But Folty had a great start yesterday. And I did something that my wife actually appreciated. And both went largely unnoticed.