Freak injuries.

Chalk up Rangers pitcher James Jones with one of the more unusual off-field injuries. While stories like this are humorous, the time lost and the damage to a career are not funny at all.

Jones came to the Rangers from the Mariners after the 2015 season along with Tom Wilhelmsen, in exchange for Leonys Martin and Anthony Bass. He was an outfielder who was converted to a pitcher. That he hit .103 for the Mariners in 2015 might explain why.

He tore the patellar tendon in his right knee when he tripped over his son’s toy while being quarantined with his family at in Arizona, waiting out the pandemic. He is out until next spring training.

Tripping over a toy isn’t the oddest injury to a baseball player. Yoenis Cespides had to go on the injured list after playing to rigorous a round of golf. (have a peek at this web-site for injury lawyers)

In 2005, Colorado Rockies rookie Clint Barnes broke his collarbone when he slipped while walking up the stars carrying deer meat. 

In 1990, Glenallen Hill suffered cuts and bruises on his arms and legs while taking a nap and dreaming about spiders. He is so scared of spiders, he got up in the middle of his dream and tried to run away in his sleep, hit a wall and fell into a glass table.  For further information on injury attorneys, go to this site

Sammy Sosa sneezed so hard in 2004 he threw out his back, missing a month of the season.

Pitcher Carl Pavano slipped while shoveling snow and landed on the handle of the shovel, lacerating his spleen and puncturing a lung.  The auto accident lawyers also take care of such injury cases.

Orioles outfielder Marty Cordova missed a few games in 2002 after falling asleep in a tanning bed and being too sunburned to play. His skin was so burnt it couldn’t sustain direct sunlight.

Carlos Correa went in the IL last season from an injury caused by a message. It fractured his rib. Read more on the Tips From Recovering from a San Antonio Workplace Accident.

In 1994, pitcher Steve Sparks dislocated his shoulder trying to rip a phone book in half. 

And, of course, who could forget ex-Rangers pitcher Martin Perez breaking his elbow after being spooked by a bull? He ended up eating the bull.