Rangers are running out of gas.

The Rangers are running on fumes. It’s not on E yet but they are out of fuel.

With Jon Gray going down with an arm strain, the Rangers have three starters left: Nathan Eovaldi, Jordan Montgomery, and Dane Dunning.

That wouldn’t be deadly normally but what that means is they have eleven relievers. Eleven pitchers who are one hundred percent unreliable. 

If they are going to win one of the next two, which they desperately need to do, the offense is going to have to show up. It hasn’t the first two games. Two runs Thursday. One run Friday.

Now, it looks like Andrew Heaney and Martin Perez get a stay from the governor and are back in the rotation by default. 

The old adage, “You can never have enough pitching,” comes into play here. The Rangers have lost Jacob deGrom (sort of, he was never going to have more than a handful of starts anyway), Max Scherzer, and Jon Gray. 

But then there is the converse of that with the Rangers. They have too much bullpen.

Adolis Chapman’s blown save on Thursday reignited the Mariners. Texas needs a change of fortune now to put that fire out. They’re going to need to score some runs.