Hurry up, season. 19 comments

This is not much of a story but then again this hasn’t been much of an off-season. It seems the Rangers are entering a partnership with the Nippon Ham Fighters. Here is the article.

The most interesting part about this is the name of the team. Nippon Ham Fighters. It’s always funny to hear sports casters mention the team name. So many called them the Ham Fighters.

They are actually the Fighters, of Nippon Ham. Nippon Ham being the company that owns the team. Like if the Cubs had been the Wrigley Gum Cubs.

The Globe Life Rangers.

Are you a Life Rangers?

Ham Fighters makes it sound as if they are a band of caped crusaders fighting evil ham. Maybe they are vigilantes for pigs, who knows.

Sierra Madre is a brand of outdoor gear. If they bought the team in San Diego, they could be the Sierra Madre Padres. The Madre Padres. The team for transgenders. That actually might be less confusing than the direction the actual team is headed in lately.

Then there’s the Miller Genuine Draft Dodgers. The Draft Dodgers were pretty popular in the 60s. Rumor is they are relocating from LA to somewhere in Canada.

It would be nice if Nippon Ham bought team in Milwaukee. I’d love to be a Ham Brewer fan. Nothing like a nice cold brewed salted liquified pork leg on a hot afternoon after just having cut the grass. Hey, you want to meet up after work for a couple of Ham Brewskies?

The season really needs to start soon.