If only.

Leody Taveras scores the only Rangers run in the top of the ninth in a 4-1 loss to the Angels.

You kind of wonder, what’s the point? What’s the point of the Rangers packing up all their equipment, hopping on a plane, and flying somewhere to play baseball?

They’re going to lose, like they have done in 51 of their 67 road games. They’re going to fail to hit with runners in scoring position. They’re going to score two or fewer runs, like they have done in 29 of their 67 road games.

And they are going scrounge through the rubble looking for positives. 

If you want positives, look no further than any Rangers post-game summation. 

The Rangers are just a bounce or two going their way away from the playoffs. If a few things went their way, the outcome would be totally different. 

Kolby Allard pitched a brilliant game. He was just victim of the long ball. If he can just keep from giving up the home run ball, like he has done 25 times this season in a little over 110 innings.

If the Rangers bats can just figure out a way to find a hole with runners in scoring position.

If the defense can just tighten up a bit.

If the bullpen can be a little crisper.

The Rangers are 41 games under .500, 32 games out of first, 21 games out of fourth.

And, apparently, only a few ifs out of a World Series win. 

One more if.

If the season could hurry up and end soon and put all Rangers fans out of their misery, that would be appreciated.