It’s more fun when they hit.

With his team down 2-1, Nick Solak connects for a three RBI double.

Here’s a simple quiz.

Is baseball a) more fun or b) less fun when your favorite team hits? 

Answer: A.

It’s amazing how offense cures everything. Even when the Rangers lost two out of the first three, it was okay because they were hitting. The world wasn’t coming to an end.

Then, they lost four in a row while mostly striking out every at-bat. And the sky was falling.

So, it was refreshing to see them come out swinging last night, and actually making contact doing it. They put up eight runs on thirteen hits. The big hit was from ex-Tampa Bay Ray Nick Solak, whose double in the fourth inning cleared the bases and was the difference in the game. He collected three hits total.

The Rangers played good old-fashioned winning baseball for once. Get a lead, hold the lead, add to the lead.

There have been so few moments to celebrate with this Rangers team over the past five years. But, every once in a while, they make the game look easy. Every once in a while, they make it fun. 

If only it could be more often than that.